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Oct 30, 2014

100 kids lunchbox recipes - Free downloadable e- recipe book

          Indusladies have compiled around 100 lunchbox recipes for kids in their their e- recipe book along with 30 printable lunchbox lovenotes for your little ones.I am glad that two of my recipes are also featured in e- book too.
           Click here  or the picture to download the ebook.  Registration will take only a few minutes  and there are other features which you can enjoy too!!
           Happy cooking!!

Oct 29, 2014

Tofu tikka masala recipe - Baked tofu recipes

       Tofu has become a favourite at my place after I started using it in Indian recipes just like we use paneer. I make it quite frequently as it is very healthy especially with high protein content. Inspite of all this , it is not as tasty as paneer. So I often marinade with suitable spices.Tofu absorbs the spices very well. I decided to bake  like we often do for paneer tikka. This really tastes delicious and if you are not too fond of tofu, try this recipe. I am sure you will start liking it. It makes a good starter or a snack even for kids. But I even dunks this baked tofu bits in a rich tomato gravy and really goes well with some nans or rotis. This is the best way to have tofu in my opinion.
         I have not really got into cooking anything apart from regular stuff especially after the sweets and savouries of Diwali. But thankfully I have a couple of recipe posts in my drafts , the food I had cooked and photographed couple of weeks or even months ago. The diwali sweets and savouries recipes had to be posted first. So I am not really in a mood to cook anything for the moment. Untill then enjoy this recipes and let me know if you try it out!!

Other tofu recipes you may like to try-
Tofu chickpea curry
Tofu masala
Spicy tofu subzi
Recipe courtesy - Madhuram's eggless cooking
Extra firm tofu - 1 package
Cooking oil- 3tbsp
Red chilly powder- 1tsp
Coriander powder -1tsp
Garam masala -1tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2tsp
Salt to taste
Lemon juice - 1/2tbsp

Drain the water from the block of tofu.
Wrap it with some kitchen towels.
Place some weight on it and leave it for 15 minutes to drain out the extra water.
Add the turmeric powder, red chilly powder,coriander powder,garam masala and salt in the oil. Mix well. Pour the lemon juice and mix.
Slice the tofu in rectangular pieces of 1cm thickness.
Coat the pieces of tofu with the prepared masala paste.
Leave it in the refrigerator for 45 mins to 1 hour.
Preheat the oven at 220c.
Place the tofu slices on a baking sheet or greased tray.
Bake at 220c for 15-20 minutes.
Turn on the other side.
Bake again for 15 minutes.
It should turn brown and crispy.
Serve warm with some sauce.
                Just for your info, in Singapore, extra firm tofu is available as Tau kwa. I have often been confused about what kind of tofu to buy among a wide range of varieties available. So thought of sharing this.
              You can add curry powder or sambar powder instead of garam masala.
You can also add this baked tofu in onion tomato gravy. It will make a delicious side dish for some rotis.

Oct 24, 2014

Rockmelon Sago pudding recipe - Singapore dessert recipes

          Hope you all had a great Diwali festival. After all the efforts put in making of the diwali snacks and sweets and also tasting them, all I want is some rest and some simple food. So yesterday I had a good nap in the afternoon after a long time and felt good. The climate has been really hot with occasional showers now and then. But we really crave for something chilled or  juicy fruits in the afternoon instead of a hot cup of tea. So a couple of days ago , I had made this dessert. You will find a wide range of desserts in the local food courts of singapore. Whenever I visit the food court in search of vegetarian food there, I often stop by the dessert stall and have a look at the desserts available though I have hardly ever tasted them. I often think of having them, but am always worried about how it would taste and the ingredients used. But the desserts here are quite healthy often with less or no sugar. Sugar is often replaced with palm jaggery. They have something called mung bean dessert which I will be trying soon. I have tasted icekachang which is something similar to our Indian 'gola' but is accompanied with many healthy beans along with it. A lot of red beans and other bean varieties is used in the local dessert preperation.
       The dessert I am posting today is also a local delight usually made with honeydew melon or sometimes even mango. But I decided to make it with the rock melon I had bought with my own few additions. Hope you try this and let me know.
local desserts of singapore

Oct 20, 2014

South indian mixture recipe - Diwali snack / savoury recipes

          Last year , I had posted a chiwda/mixture recipe which is mostly made in Maharashtra. I find it easier to make that and have been making that almost every year during diwali. This time I asked my grandmother for diwali snacks and sweets suggestions. Among the sweets , she suggested boondi ladoo as she had taught me last year to make them. But I still dont feel confident about making them. She then asked me to try badusha. I have never made that , so I decided to make a small amount of it as it sounded a little simple when compared to ladoo. Badusha turned out okay, but not that great to make it into this blog for now. But surely will do so in a few more months. For the snacks, she asked me to make the popular diwali snack mixture. So after a lot of hesitations and apprehensions , I finally made it today.
         It came out really good. It was quite hectic and time consuming, but easy to make. My son was like "oh, I never knew this could be made at home". Infact I was also surprised that I could make this well as I am usually fond of easy and less time consuming recipes. And this blog contains the same.
I feel I should try more such snacks as kids really enjoy it and at the same time , it is fun to learn these traditional recipes too. I own a very old omapodi press and I really have to get a new one next time as it was quite difficult to work with a old one. Thats all for now. Please do try this for diwali. I have done it, you can too!!
More diwali savoury snack list - Click here.

diwali snack recipes

Oct 17, 2014

Besan Burfi - Instant mohanthal recipe- easy diwali sweet recipes

            We usually have a small get together with prayers on Thursday. So yesterday I decided to make this sweet for the prasad. As diwali is approaching next week, I thought a burfi/fudge would be apt for the occasion. This one is really easy to make and  does not take a long time too. So you can make this during this festival especially if you are short of time.
  Here is a list of sweet recipes you can make during this diwali.
And if you are really in a hurry, then I can suggest you some easy and less time consuming sweet recipes. For example, you can try this microwave mysorepak or microwave badam peda.
   7 cup cake or kaju besan burfi or kalakand is always easy to make. You can also try maida burfi or its versions.
And if you are ready to put in some efforts, this mysorepak recipe is good to give a go. It is actually very easy to make.
mohanthal recipe


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