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Aug 26, 2014

13 bean soup mix chaat recipe - 13 bean soup mix chundal- healthy snack recipes

       My regular readers must have already guessed that this (that is the 13 beans soup mix) was the next thing I got from my mustafa shopping few days back. As I mentioned before, that we have been trying to reduce carbs from our diet especially during dinners. So we have been using quinoa, millet varieties,oats etc regularly. So along with this , I also make a salad everyday, sometimes with avacados, other vegetables or sometimes even fruit salads. I make salad with chick peas or black eyed beans or sometimes it is just  a cup of plain dal. So for dinner one night I made a sundal or a salad with the 13 bean soup mix. It was delicious and I realised the mealtimes becomes more fun when we try using newer and healthier ingredients ( with lower calories too).It doesn't feel like you have been deprived of your full fledged meal because its quite delicious and filling too!!
beans chaat recipes

13 bean soup mix- 1 cup ( see notes)
Coconut(grated) - 2-3tbsp
Coriander leaves- 1 cup chopped
Green chillies -2
Onion -1 chopped fine
Tomato - 1 chopped fine
Salt to taste
Lemon juice- 1tsp

Wash and soak the beans in water overnight.
Grind the coconut, coriander leaves and green chillies to a paste.
 Drain the water.
Cook in a pressure cooker till soft.
Drain the water from the cooked beans completely.
Place the beans in a pan.
Add salt along with the ground paste (coconut mixture)
Stir till the mixture is well combined.
Remove from flame.
Add the chopped onions and tomatoes.
Squeeze some lemon juice if you prefer.
Mix well.
Serve with more onions on top.(see notes)
13 beans soup mix recipes
1. If you do not have the ready mix of the beans, just combine all the pulses and beans you have.(for example tuvar dal (split and whole), masoor dal( split and whole), moong dal, green moond, red beans, rajma(different varieties), black eyed beans, butter beans,soya etc
2. If you dont want lemon juice , you can also drizzle some sweetened tamarind water (imli ka chutney) on the top.
3. You can also add some sev, mixture etc on the top before serving. 

Aug 22, 2014

Oats upma recipe - Easy breakfast recipes

      As I said before , I got a variety of wholegrains during my shopping to Mustafa. I have already posted with quinoa and I used quinoa in a variety of forms and also in place of rice. I will be posting some recipes with millets which is another grain I have been using. I also got a packet of steel cut oats. I have been using oats in my cooking for a long time and I have posted many recipes with it. This steel cut oats has a hard texture and takes little more time to cook than the usual quick cooking oats. As a result, it has a grainy texture like that of semolina or wheat rava. So I found this teel cut oats for upma.
       Oats is a very good food for people who are trying to lose weight as it is high in fiber and low in calories  and filling too. I make this during weeknights and serve with some salads making it a perfect meal for weight watchers.
easy breakfast recipes

Aug 20, 2014

Quick Sweet potato chaat - easy and healthy chaat recipes

         We don't really enjoy the sweet potatoes much as it tastes sweet and a vegetable being so sweet is somewhat unacceptable:). But they are really healthy especially for  kids, So I do buy them quite regularly. I make a dry curry with it just adding some red chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt. It does taste good.
Last time, I made this chaat and we enjoyed it. My son is not too fond of it. But my daughter likes sweet potatoes as I have been feeding her mashed sweet potatoes since when she was around 8-9 months old and she used to love them.
           It has been happening from last 2-3 times, when I cut open the sweet potatoes , they are purple in colour and it was quite surprising for me as I had never seen such a colour before. But its quite tempting. I searched about it in the net and found that some mentioned it as purple yam. Further search showed that purple yam and purple sweet potatoes are quite different though they look very similar. Anyway I have not really understood to differentiate the two. But the chaat is quite enjoyable. You can make them with whatever kind of sweet potatoes you get. And this can be had during fasts too!!
sweet potato chaat recipes

Aug 18, 2014

Quick and Easy creamy and cheesy pasta for kids lunchbox - Mac and cheese recipe

        Hope you all had a lovely Janmashtami (Lord Krishna's birthday)celebration. I also did in my small way especially for my kids who love this kind of celebrations and is a good way to share our culture with our  kids. We sang a few bhajans. I also made little appams, mysore pak and rasagullas.  I do not spend too much time in the kitchen as it gets a little painful if I stress myself a lot. So I made the mysore pak in the microwave in minutes. I will blog about it sometime. I will also blog about the appams as I tried to use an healthy ingredient in it. You all know(if you are regular reader) , I am trying to use more of wholegrains in my cooking nowadays. And the rasgullas was because I was too tempted to make them again.So I just made around 6-7 pieces and my kiddo loved them.I have made them before and with some tips, it does get better each time. I wont say that I make the best rasgullas and am sure they are going to be the best with more practice.
        Now coming back to kids and their favourites ,the recipe for today is pasta .I am sure that all kids love it. My son loves it for sure!! I make this kind of pasta for his schools lunch box once in a while and he cant stop raving about it all day. This recipe is really easy to make and is not time consuming at all. You do not have to make the white sauce and all and can be made as a one pot dish, yet is very cheesy and creamy and tangy all enough to tickle your taste buds. I have already made this a couple of times for him and thought of sharing this as some of my friends asked me for the recipe for this one. In my upcoming posts, I will post more recipes for kids tiffinbox.
pasta for kids lunch box

Aug 14, 2014

Tomato Quinoa - Easy recipes with Quinoa

          In an attempt to lose weight and get fitter after my surgery, we have been trying to switch over to healthier food and have been avoiding/reducing high carbs, oil and spice in our diet. My hubby has also been giving me company in this attempt. So we have been avoiding rice and taking more of whole grains and high fiber food. We went shopping to Mustafa especially for buying different kinds of  wholegrains. Mustafa has been stocking every kind of food grains nowadays. You think of it and its there!!!So we got a few packets of quinoa, millet, beans,steel cut oats and more. So you are going to see more of such healthy recipes with these ingredients in Creative Saga soon.
         There are so many new ingredients like finger millet, hyacinth beans ,oats,brown rice etc which I came to know of  after I came to Singapore. I have always loved to try using new and healthy ingredients in my cooking. The recent one is quinoa. I have been hearing of this grain since a last few years. I found organic quinoa seeds in mustafa. Like me if you are not aware, you should try searching the internet for the health benefits of quinoa, so that you can think of including it in your diet.
           Like many other ingredients which I started using at a very later stage, I never quite enjoyed the taste with satisfaction, but had them just because they are healthy- Just and acquired taste. I thought quinoa was going to be the same.But I was wrong. I loved the nutty taste of quinoa. I made it just like how I make tomato rice. It was really good. By now, I have used quinoa a number of times and enjoyed it each time.So if you do try this one , let me know how you liked it. Also I would appreciate if you leave a comment about your favourite recipe with quinoa!!
tomato quinoa


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