May 22, 2015

Mango semiya custard recipe - Easy dessert recipes

      I was having this recipe in my mind for a very long time. I was looking for a occasion to try it.  we try to have low fat and simple food everyday and reserve special and rich kind of food for certain occasions or weekends. Finally, I got the opportunity to make it for a prayer get together.
      During the prayer, I just added some some mixed fruits and nuts and candied fruits and glaced cherries in the dessert.
      But I made it again the next day for my family, I decided to add mangoes in it and it tasted super delicious. So there are many variations you can make this dessert. Just let your creative juices flow and make your dessert awesome.
semiya custard recipe
       This is very easy to make and takes very less time also which is always a plus point for me. Yes, because of the very limited time I get from the routine activities, I choose recipes which are less time consuming and easy too. So thats why you find only such easy recipes in my blog. So for people like me will find the recipes in this blog interesting. If your do try this recipe, do send me your pictures with your feedback. So that I can put it up in my fb page.
mango custard recipe
Semiya/vermicilli - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 1-2tsp
Milk - 4 cups ( 1 liter)
Vanilla custard powder-  2tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup(adjust the sweetness according to your preference)

Garnishes according to your preference-
I used
 tutty fruity - 1tbsp
glaced cherries -1tbsp
coarsely chopped nuts- 1tbsp (I used milk powder masala whish had coarsely chopped nuts and milk powder)
Second time, I used mangoes- 1 cup of small pieces

Dissolve the custard powder in 1 glass of milk.
Boil the remaining milk.
make the custard
Meanwhile roast the semiya is some ghee till golden brown.
If it is preroasted , you can use it directly.
Roast semiya and add in custard
When the milk boils, add the dissolved custard  along with the sugar.
Keep the flame low.
Keep stirring till it thickens.
Take care that it does not burn at the bottom.
cook till semiya soften and garnish as you wish
The consistency should be like that of a dosa batter.
Add the semiya and allow it to cook.
This should take around 5 minutes.
Remove from flame.
Allow it to cool.
Add the mixed nuts ,tutty fruity an glaced cherries.
Chill for sometime.
Add tiny chopped mangoes.
Serve chilled.
easy indian dessert recipe
1. You can add mixed fruits from the fruit cocktail mix. Filter and discard the sugar syrup.
2. You can fresh and sweet fruits also.
3. Semiya can be seperately cooked and added to the custard.
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May 19, 2015

Chocolate banana oatmeal cookies recipe - easy healthy baking recipes

        This is one of the most wonderful thing I have had in ages.They were really awesome. Morever they are low fat too. All ingredients used are quite healthy like the whole wheat flour ,oats, banana etc. Its better to use over ripe bananas for more sweetness. Lots of chocolate in the form of cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips is used. You can refer options in the notes to make it eggless too. I have used raw organic sugar instead of brown sugar. They look so delectable too, isn't it? That is the reason I was tempted to make it.
chocolate banana oatmeal cookies recipe
        We all enjoyed them a lot. Its very easy to make and they are made in minutes with all the easily available ingredients. Putting them together and baking them is really easy. Do try it. I am sure you and your loved ones are going to enjoy them a lot.
easy healthy banana cookies
Recipe source- Daily burn
Whole wheat flour/atta - 1 cup
Unsweetened cocoa powder - 1tbsp
Baking powder-1tsp
Baking soda - 1/2tsp
Salt - a tiny pinch
Cinnamon powder - 1/2tsp
Medium sized banana - 1/2
Oil - 1/4 cup
Raw organic sugar - 1/2 cup
Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup
Egg - 1
Vanilla extract-1 tsp
Quick cooking oats - 1 cup
Semi sweet mini chocolate  chips

Preheat the oven to 180c.
 Line a baking tray with cookie sheet or parchment paper.
Combine the dry ingredients
In a small bowl, combine the flour,cocoa powder,baking powder,baking soda,salt and cinnamon powder.
In a large bowl, mash the banana with a fork until smooth without any chunks.
Add the oil ,sugar, powdered sugar ,egg ,vanilla .
Stir until well combined.
Combine the wet ingredients
Add the flour mix in the liquid mix slowly stirring until well combined.
Fold in the oats and chocolate chips.
Combine the wet and dry mix. Drop and bake
Drop tablespoon balls of dough on prepared cookie sheet,
Gently flatten the cookie with hands.
Bake at 180c for 10-12 minutes until the edges look baked.
Let it cool on the cookie sheet for 15-20 minutes.
low fat cookies
1. Use over ripe bananas.
2. You can use brown sugar instead of brown sugar.
3. You can use 1/4 cup thick yogurt or flax egg in place of egg to make it eggless.
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May 14, 2015

Mango cream popsicles recipe - kids food recipes

       I have never been keen on making icecreams like this before.I did make make a few icecreams couple of times before , but I never could understand the science behind the addition of  what kind of ingredients could make a perfect icecream. But after this one, I have been wanting to try more and more icecream recipes. I had got the popsicle moulds a few months back when my kid insisted to buy them. He himself used to pour some juices into the moulds and have them as such until I finally decided to use them in a proper way.
mango dessert recipes
           I had a medium sized thai mango which was full of flavour and that went into my recipe. The cream gave a nice creaminess to the popsicle. Though popsicle need to be like a creamy icecream , but I added the cream. Its your choice actually. You can completely avoid the cream and just add the milk. It was very delicious and had a dominant taste of mango and the perfect sweetness.
           So do try this one quickly during this summer and have fun with your kids. And remember to keep visiting this space for more yummy chilled dessert recipes.
easy kids recipes
Mango- 2 cup of mango pieces  (see notes)
Milk - 1 1/2 cup (use full cream milk for more creaminess)
Cream - 1 cup( I used nestle full cream)
Sugar - 1 cup

Add the sugar in the blender and powder it.
Next add the mango pieces along with the milk.
Blend it to a smooth liquid.
Add sugar ,mango pieces and milk
Next pour the cream and blend it again. The consistency should be slightly thick.
Add cream
 Pour the thick liquid in the popsicle mould.
Place the popsicle covers/lids on it.
Freeze for around 6 hours. (See notes)
pour in popsicle mould and freeze
 After it has set, place them in warm water for a minute.
It will be now easy to remove the popsicles from the moulds.
 Serve immediately.
mango cream popsicle
1. You can use readymade mango puree also. If you are using it, then use around 1 or 1 1/2 cup of the puree in the blender along with milk and cream. It might be sweetened puree , so in the case, adjust the quantity of sweetness to suit your preference.
2. If you want to use icecream/candy sticks, freeze the mould for 2 hours, then it will be easier to insert the icecream sticks in proper place. Keep in the freezer again.
3. Pour in more milk to adjust the consistency if you find it too thick.
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May 11, 2015

Sweet macaroni recipe - Easy indian style pasta recipes

     A few days back, a mini concert was arranged in my son's music class. We also decided to have a potluck dinner after the programme. When we were discussing the menu for the dinner, someone suggested her friend to make sweet macaroni. I was really intrugued by the name as I had had only savoury pasta recipes till now. I have heard of pasta payasam before but this one sounded different. I was really looking forward for having it during the function. It was something really delicious and tasted very much like ada pradhaman. Infact many people thought it was ada pradhaman and I had to tell them that it was pasta. I tried making it at home , but it somehow did not turn up like the one I had already had. So I will ask her the exact recipe and try to make and post it sometime soon.
sweet macaroni recipe
But I tried searching the net for a recipe and came across this one here. 
This recipe sounded new and interesting to me. I made this as a prasad /offering for our thursday prayer. We really enjoyed. I do have more similar kind of recipes in mind which I will be trying and posting it soon. So do keep visiting this space often.
sweet recipes with pasta
Macaroni/pasta shells - 1 cup
Powdered sugar- 1/2 cup
Grated coconut - 1/2 cup
Tutty fruity- 1/2 cup
Glazed cherries- 4-5 chopped into tiny bits
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp

Cook the pasta according to package instructions or al dente.
I cooked in the pressure cooker for one whistle because I wanted it to be really soft when cooked.
Its your choice how you cook it.
Drain the water completely by placing it on a perforated vessel.
Now place the pasta in a mixing bowl.
Add the powdered sugar and cardamom powder.
Mix well.
 Add the grated coconut, tutty fruity and the glazed cherries.
Mix everything well.
tutty fruity pasta
 I also added a few raisins.
pooja prasad recipes
Mix in some chopped nuts if you wish.
You can always add or avoid ingredients of your choice.
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May 7, 2015

Mango icecream recipe (version 2) - No machine required

       Though I have made icecreams a few times before, I have never been confident making it and I actually never quite experimented with making this frozen desserts. Its very rare at home when we have icecreams, that is only when the rare serious craving sets in. But one day, when we were returning back home from my son's school, my friend said that she was planning to make icecream that day. She said she makes it many times and the result is always good. She told me a number of ways and ingredients she uses each time. Since then , I wanted to try making it, but never got a chance as one or the either of us kept falling sick. But I anyway decided to make it during the long weekend even though my daughter was really sick. I felt bad that we could not give her any of it. But I made only a small portion and do plan to make it again sometime soon.
mango icecream recipe
       I already have a recipe for mango icecream in my blog. But this one was just mind blowing. I would say this because I have never got such a beautiful result with making icecreams before. It was creamy. The recipe is so simple and can be done in just 15 - 20 minutes. I felt it was almost close to perfect until or if I make even better than this one. It had a nice sweet and slightly tangy ( the perfect tanginess) taste of mango in it . Do try this and let me know your feedback.

See more ice cream recipes in this blog-
Mango icecream(version 1)
Blueberry kulfi
No churn vanilla icecream
Frozen strawberry banana icecream
no machine required icecream
Mango puree - 1 cup (I used fresh mangoes)
Sugar -1/2 cup (Use powdered sugar)
Cream - 3/4 cup( I used nestle)
Full cream milk - 1 cup
Milk powder - 1 cup

If you are using fresh mangoes, cut them to pieces.
Combine the mangoes and sugar and puree it in a blender.
Combine the milk and cream.
Heat it in a sauce pan.
When it just starts to bubble, add the milk powder.
Mix it well with a whisk to avoid any lumps.
Remove from flame.
Allow it to stand for 5 minutes.
 Add the mango puree.
Mix well.
Pour this in a freezer safe container.
When it is reasonably cool, place it in the freezer.
After 2 hours, you can blend the icecream in a mixer again or use a hand blender .
Pour it back in the freezer safe container.
Freeze it for 6 hours.
 Scoop the icecream and serve.
If it is too hard, place it at room temperature for 20 minutes and then scoop and serve.
smooth and creamy icecream recipe
1. You can use store bought mango puree too.
2. Powdered sugar can be combined with the mango puree or can be added along with milk powder too.
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May 6, 2015

Mango cardamom lassi recipe - easy mango recipes

     We usually love to have salted buttermilk after dinner. Lassi is reserved during some rare occasions. But lassi with mango is inevitable during the season where mango is available in abundance. I had mango lassi for the first time when I came to Singapore. It has been my hubby's favourite for several years. He never misses an opportunity to order this if it is available. I make this only with fresh mangoes every year. I rarely buy the readymade mango pulp. But somehow I have never posted it when I posted some delicious mango recipes every year. So I thought of posting this one when I made it few days ago.
mango lassi
       Though I have not able to lay my hands on very good mangoes yet this year, I have tried making some desserts with whatever mangoes I could get. I am going to post them one by one very soon. So do keep visiting this space every now and then. You can also try making some of them which are already posted. Mango mastani has been a big hit till date. My favourite is the mango pound cake and am going to try the mango muffins very soon. You can also make milkshakes or aamras. Mango or mambazham morkuzhumbu and mango rice (version1 and version2 ) are the traditional recipes I have posted so far.
mango smoothie recipe
Mango  - 2 cup pieces or 1 1/2 cup purée
Yogurt - 1 cup
Milk(boiled and cooled) - 1/2 cup( or add more to a  required consistency)
Sugar - 1/4 th cup
Cardamom powder- 1tsp

Combine the mango pieces, sugar and cardamom powder in a blender.
Puree the mixture.
 Pour the curd and milk into the pureed mixture. Blend again for few seconds.
Add more milk for desired consistency. Mix well.
Pour in tall glasses and serve chilled.
easy mango recipes
Reserve some mango bits and add it before serving.
Add saffron soaked in milk for more flavour.
You can add some nuts like crushed  almonds and pistachios if you prefer.
You can use store bought mango purée. The colour depends mainly on the colour of mangoes.
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May 2, 2015

Arisi thengai payasam recipe - rice coconut payasam - easy Indian dessert recipes

       When I had posted the instant rice flour vadais, I had mentioned that I had made a payasam during the tamil new year. I thought of posting about it today.This kind of payasam with coconut was not made at my place as far as I remember. But I once had this at my friend place during some occasion a couple of years ago. It was simply awesome. But after that I never thought of trying it at home nor I got a chance of having it again. But I was looking for some payasam recipe which I have never tried before. I was reminded of this payasam and searched the net for the recipe. All the recipes I got had jaggery in it. I am bit apprehensive about using jaggery in payasam as it had once curdled the milk. So I  never used jaggery in milk based desserts. But I decided to do it anyway.
arisi thengai payasam
  The result was awesome .The payasam was really delicious and am quite confident of making this kind of payasams after following this recipe. Its really easy and is not time consuming at all. I am definitely going to use more of jaggery in my desserts as it is definitely better than refined sugar. Try this recipe for festivals . I am sure you are going to love this one.
rice coconut payasam
 Ingredients-  (serves 2)
Milk -  1 cup (Boiled and cooled)
Rice - 1tbsp
Grated coconut - 1/4 cup
Jaggery - 3/4 cup
Cashewnuts - 1 tbsp(broken)
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Ghee - 1tsp

Method -
Soak the rice for 30 minutes.
 Combine the soaked rice and coconut in a mixer and grind it to a fine paste.
 Heat ghee in a pan.
Roast the cashews in ghee till they turn a golden brown.
Remove and keep aside.
In the same pan, add the ground paste.
Pour around 2 glasses of water.
Keep stirring regularly  to avoid any clumping (lumps)and cook for around 15 minutes till the rice is well cooked.
 Add the jaggery. Mix.
Add cardamom powder and roasted cashews.
Stir cook for another 5-7 minutes.
Remove from flame.
After about 10-15 minutes, pour the milk. Mix well.
Serve hot or even chilled.
easy payasam recipes
1. Dont add the milk immediately as it may be curdle because of jaggery.
2. Coconut milk can also be added instead of regular milk. In case of coconut milk , add it in the end and allow it to cook for 2 minutes. Do not overcook after you add coconut milk as the flavour will be lost.
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Apr 29, 2015

Dates tamarind chutney recipe- sweet chutney recipes for chaats

       I try to make chaat for dinner once a week. My family simply love that day and look forward for it. I do try to make it healthy like using moong sprouts or chickpeas with loads of vegetables like grated carrots or cucumber. But the sweet chutney is mandatory even if its healthy or just junk. I usually make the sour or khatti chutney as it is called by just adding tamarind and jaggery. But I decided to use dates in my chutney for the sweetness and reduce the quantity of jaggery in it.I used a quarter cup of jaggery and may even reduce it further next time. This was another way to make my family have dates. My mom used to make it this way.
       It was really delicious and I also used it as a side dish for parathas and it was really delicious. I love to have extra sides in my plate along with veggies and dal. The roasted cumin powder gives a nice flavour. I have never used black salt , but I think it should really work here. Keep the consistency according to your dish you are preparing. I used a thinner consistency of the same for pani puris too, slightly thicker for bhel and even thicker for the other chaat varieties.
      So do make this and store it. It really comes in handy!!
Tamarind pulp- 3/4 th cup (see notes)
Dates - 2 cups
Jaggery - 1/4th cup
Red chilly powder- 1tsp
Roasted cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
Salt- 1/2 tsp(you can use black salt)

Soak the dates in warm water (enough to soak the dates completely) for 2 hours.
Alternatively you can pressure cook the dates till it softens.
Remove the seeds if any.
Grind it to a smooth paste.
Pass this paste through a sieve to remove any solids and other impurities.
Combine the dates and tamarind pulp.
Heat a pan.
Add the pulp. 
Add the jaggery and rest of the spices and salt.
Keep stirring till the jaggery dissolves.
Boil further around 10 -15 minutes till it thickens to a semi liquid consistency.
Allow it to cool.
Use this as per your chaat recipe accordingly.
Notes - You can store the rest in the refrigerator.
This can also be freezed if you want to store it longer.
This can be frozen as cubes in a ice tray. So it will be easier to remove the cubes according to your necessity and thawed. The rest can be returned to the freezer.
        I generally make tamarind pulp in a huge amount and freeze it for a month or too. So you can see the frozen tamarind in the picture above. See the recipe below.
  Pressure cook around a cup of tamarind(soaked in little water) till it is soft. Allow it to cool. Remove the seeds if any. Grind it to a smooth paste.
Pass the paste through a sieve to remove and solids and other impurities.
Collect the tamarind pulp in a clean vessel below.
Use as per necessity.
Freeze the rest in freezer safe containers.
You can also freeze them in ice trays.
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