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Apr 19, 2014

Broccoli paratha recipe - easy indian bread recipes

             I do buy broccoli quite frequently, not because its a favourite at home. But as its quite healthy and we get really good fresh ones here that I am quite tempted to buy it everytime. Then I do wonder how to use it and mostly end up using it in a mix vegetable curry. Sometimes I make broccoli Manchurian or bake them in the oven with some spices coated on it or simply add them in some dal.
Nowadays I try making stuffed parathas many times as its one way to sneak the vegetables into the kids food. So this time I decided to use broccoli in my parathas. I make cauliflower parathas quite regularly. I just add some grated cauliflower in the atta along with some spices. I thought of doing broccoli the same way. But due to the pungent smell and taste of it, I  cooked it slightly and spiced  it up and then added it to the atta. It was really good and I felt this is the best way of eating your broccoli. Its going to be regular at my place now.
broccoli paratha recipe
Atta/whole wheat flour- 2 cups
Broccoli- 1 small cut into individual florets
Green chillies- 2 chopped
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Fennel seeds- 1tsp crushed
Oil- 1tbsp+2tbsp
Ghee- 2-3 tbsps. for brushing on parathas

Cut the  broccoli florets into more tiny bits.
 Combine the florets and green chillies. Add little water and grind into a paste.
 Heat oil in a pan. Add the ground paste followed by salt, turmeric powder and fennel seeds.
Mix well and sauté for around 4-5 minutes till the mixture is cooked slightly.
Combine the atta and the prepared paste. Mix well and knead it to a dough using little water.
Add oil and knead it to a non sticky and firm dough.
Pinch a lemon sized portion of the dough.
Roll it into a circle with a rolling pin.
You can rub some flour while rolling it.
Heat a tava.
Place the rolled circle on the hot tava.
When cooked slightly on one side, flip on the other side.
Brush some ghee on both sides.
Cook on both sides till brown spots appear on them.
Serve hot with some dal or pickle or curd.

Apr 15, 2014

Baked Chocolate Oats # Oats recipes

        We have oats for breakfasts on many mornings. I saw this recipe on the net recently. So for a change from normal oats we usually have, I decided to bake this chocolate oats. Oats lovers will definitely like this one. It will surely be a low calorie treat which you can have for your breakfast. I thought of many other additions to make this more interesting. You can try adding some tinily chopped banana or apple bits or raisins or even chocolate chips. Kids may also like it if you pour some chocolate sauce on it along with some fruits and bits of nuts when you serve them. If you try this one , do let us know the modifications you have tried to make it more interesting.
chocolate oats

Apr 12, 2014

Tamil new year/chithirai vishu recipes - Menu ideas for tamil new year/chitra vishu

              Chithirai  vishu or tamil new year is on 14th of april. I have compiled a few recipes whch you can try making on that day. Usually, at my place , also because its not a holiday, I don't make an elaborate lunch. I usually make a rice variety with some sweet. So you can plan your menu according to the availability of time and the consumption.

Simple tamil lunch idea- Click on this link for a simple lunch idea which you can make on the chitra vishu day. Also see a small description of chithirai  vishu.

You can also make different rice varieties.
how to make raw mango rice1. Raw mango rice(version -1)
2. Raw mango rice- version 2
3. Coconut rice
4. lemon rice
5. Sesame rice
7. Pulihora

Different Sweets you can make for the festival
1. Tamil style poli
2. Puran poli
3. Coconut poli/paratha
pressure cooker kheer
Different payasams/kheer varieties
doodhi kheer
Semiya payasam
Kadalaparappu payasam 
Sabudana kheer
Carrot payasam
Pal payasam 
Sweet potato payasam 
Orange basundi 
Rava payasam 
Nuts/dry fruits kheer 
Banana payasam 
Arisi pal payasam 
Brown rice payasam 
Aval/poha payasam (with sugar) 
Badaam/almond halwaPal payasam in pressure cooker

Check out more sweet recipes here.

Different savouries

1. Ulundhu vadai
2. Parappu vadai
3. vaizhai poo vadai
4. Masal vadai(if onion is permitted)
5. Madhur vadai

For different kozhumbu, sambar, poriyal,chutneys recipes, see the traditional tamil index.

Apr 10, 2014

Bittergourd peel pooris- Crispy karela peel pooris - tasty brunch recipes

      Pooris are always a favourite at home, though it is a rare thing at my place because I don't deep fry a lot. I have tried making different varieties of pooris before. But this recipe really intrigued me. This used bittergourd peel. Who had thought of using karela peels in pooris. It was awesome - crispy and delicious when I made it for a weekend brunch one day. I also carried it for my friend when we met and they loved it too. I will surely make this one again.
bittergourd peel pooris

Apr 7, 2014

Mango dessert recipes collection - Top 10 Easy Mango recipes for this summer

      I have always love the mango- the king of all fruits and always look forward to the season .Though we love to have the fruit as such , sometimes the abundance of this fruits results in few such delicacies which I have been posting during every mango season. Sure enough, this season will have more such recipes coming up. Meanwhile , I hope you try this delicious dessert recipes which I have complied below. You can find more such recipes in this blog. I have only complied the popular ones.
For more mango recipes, click here.
how to make mango kalakand

Easy mango dessert recipes           
1. Mango kalakand / Mango burfi
Indian style mango fudge recipe with mango and milk solids.
2. Mango kesari/mambazham kesari      
A popular Indian semolina pudding using mango puree.        
3. Mango almond milkshake
A delicious and filling  milkshake recipe especially for kids using mango and almonds. Great during hot summer evenings.
4. Mango mastani
A popular drink from the historical city of pune using icecream, mango, nuts and everything rich and awesome. You will love this one. Good one for potlucks and gettogethers.
5.Mango icecream
Soft and delicious icecream with your favourite mangoes.
A mango dessert which can be had as it is or as a sidedish with Indian
 puffed bread or pooris. "you can eat your aamras(meaning mango juice)"
7. Tangy mango delight
A delicious mocktail with mangoes and orange.
8. Aam panna
Juice with raw mangoes. soothing drink during hot summers.
9. Mango Shrikhand
 Popular Indian dessert with mango puree and hung curds.
10. Mango buttermilk pound cake
how to make aamrakhandA beautifully mango flavoured cake with a mango frosting too.
A must do for this summer.
how to make mango milkshake
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