Mar 27, 2015

M& M Brownies recipe - Easy eggless bakes

         This was another thing I made during the kids first term break.M and M candies are my favourite and my kids favourite too though they love anything with chocolate.I always have surplus amounts of this candies at my home anytime and pop a few into my mouth every now and then. A few months back when I made this cookies with M and M , I thought of trying brownies too and finally got to make it. I tried to follow a slightly different recipe so that I wanted a  gooey texture filled with moist chocolate almost oozing out. The crust was beautiful and as expected too.
Though the M and M sunk , the sweet little bites while eating the cake was to die for.
Low fat chocolate brownies

Mar 20, 2015

Toblerone candy shortbread recipes - easy kids recipes

       The one week school holidays are almost coming to an end now. This week was the busiest and is still going to be more busy for the next few days. But I also enjoyed the time with my kids and tried spending the maximum time with them keeping them occupied with some activity or the other.
And as usual, I tried to cook their favourite dishes too. I had seen this recipe in several blogs a couple of years ago. I had loved it and had wanted to try. But I could never do it as I buy chocolate rarely and by chance if I buy or get toblerones, then it would be over in no time.
recipes with toblerone

Mar 17, 2015

Whole wheat bread recipe - easy bread baking recipes

           I really love baking bread and buns at home. Home made breads are always interesting to make and eat. Its healthier and creates opportunity for a wide number of options too. Saying all this, I make bread very rarely though I want to do atleast once a week. Its the time constraints and partly my laziness too. But when I saw this recipe , I wanted to try it totally as the recipe used whole wheat flour and the ghee and yogurt in it gave an Indian touch and flavour to the bread. I had the maximum portion of the loaf applying some low fat cream cheese on the the toasted bread. I am surely going to try making this one again soon and also update the pictures too!!
       If you love baking breads and like homemade bread, then I do recommend you to try this recipe.And if you try this ,please leave your feedback in the comment section.
       See more home made bread recipes here.
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whole wheat bread recipe

Mar 11, 2015

Quick pizza buns - easy kids snack recipes

        This is another recipe I made for the kids during the chinese new year holidays. They enjoyed this for breakfast. My son loves pizza , so this quick , instant and easy to make recipe always comes in handy for me when the kids are hungry. I have made this couple of times with burger buns, hot dog buns or even butter rolls. When I made this time with hot dog buns, my little one called them pizza boats which sounded quite apt due to its shape!! Now when the first term break is approaching again, I do look forward to make some variations to this recipe to make it even more interesting.
kids snack recipes

Mar 9, 2015

Cheesy broccoli bites /balls - Kids snack recipes

            There was a time when I used to cook a lot reffering to cookbooks. But then recently, I never found time. I used to bring home a lot of cookcooks especially baking books from the library. I would even copy down a few recipes and never saw it again. I totally stopped bringing books and I stopped buying them too. But recently when we went to a nearby mall, there was a old books sale going on. It was quite surprising to see a lot of cookbooks by Indian authors. I found a book by Nita mehta which contained snack recipes for children. It looked really interesting and I bought it. The most surprising thing is I also tried a recipe from it!!!
cheesy broccoli bites

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