Feb 29, 2008

Olan recipe -A kerala cuisine.

olan/kerela sadya Our native place is Tirunelveli , a beautiful place in Tamilnadu. It is located very near to kerala. So we have imbibed many cuisines of kerala, one of them being olan made with pumpkin.
Olan can be a wonderful side dish with rice and sambar.This is how I make olan.

Ingredients -
Pumpkin -250gms
Chowli or black eyed bean - 1 cup
Slit chillies - 3/4no.
Coconut milk - 200ml
Coconut oil - 2tsp
Curry leaves
Coconut (grated) for garnishing
Cilantro (for garnishing)

Method -
Soak the black eyed beans for sometime and pressure cook them.
Add chopped pumpkin,slit chillies, salt in a pan and cook them with little water.
Now add the cooked beans and curry leaves and allow all the ingredients to mix and cook well.
Then add the coconut milk and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Add little coconut oil for the flavour.
Garnish with coconut and cilantro.
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