Mar 25, 2008

Mixed Fruits Milkshake - drink recipes

mixed fruits milkshake This is something which is quite filling and can be had as a healthy drink with breakfast or a refreshing drink after you come back home from work in the evening. I made with the fruits available with me. You can add your choice of fruits and nuts.
Chickoo/sapota-5 nos.- Skin and seeds removed,chopped into pieces
Figs/anjeer- 4 to 5-chopped
Apple- 1 small -skin and seeds removed and chopped
Seedless black grapes- a small bunch- each cut into halves
cashewnuts- 6 to 8
vanilla essence - a few drops
Sugar- 2 tbsp or according to the sweetness you prefer.
Milk- 500ml

Blend all the ingredients together adding around 100 ml milk. Then add the remaining milk and blend again. Add more milk if it is too thick.Pour them in glasses and serve chilledmixed fruits milkshake
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