Apr 1, 2008

Instant healthy dosa - Dosa recipes

I have been seeing lots of very impressive dosa varieties being posted in many blogs. After googling for some dosa recipes , I decided to combine flour,oats and carrots to make a instant mixed dosa.It tasted good and was quite filling, at the same time very healthy too. I am sending this to Srivalli's dosa mela and also to WBB#20- balanced breakfast hosted by Mansi.

Instant wheat dosa Ingredients-
Rice flour - 1 cup
wheat flour- 1cup
oats- 1cup
grated carrots-1 cup
curds- 1 cup
Green chillies 3 or4 finely chopped
cilantro- chopped
whole black pepper- few
Salt- to taste
Oil - to brush on dosas
Mix all the ingredients. Add water and make the consistency to that of regular dosa batter. Make dosas by spreading the batter in circular movement on a hot dosa tava.Add little oil to the sides. Flip the dosa and cook both the sides.
Serve hot with any chutney.
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