May 20, 2008

Tangy mango delight - mango recipes

tangy mango drink It is ages I made something with mangoes. When Arundati announced the Mango madness event, I was tempted to do something. But somehow I was never fond of the kind of mangoes available here and never bought them. So it was almost two years I did not have them. But during my trip to India last month, mangoes were specially ordered for us as the mango season was just beginning and we were taken care of as if we were celebrities:)). Having mangoes after two years, was so divine ,as if I was tasting nectar. Anyway I found indian alphonso mangoes here too, so I won't miss them this year. :))
Though I love to have mangoes as it is, I made this drink yesterday. It tasted nice and tangy. Here is how I made it.

Mangoes- 2 chopped (reserve few to garnish)
Orange juice- 1/2 cup
Lime juice- 1tbsp
Sugar-2tbsp or according to sweetness you prefer.
Salt- a pinch
Sweetened whipped cream- 1 cup.

Blend all the ingredients except the cream to a smooth paste. Then fold in the cream and gently stir. Pour the drink into individual glasses and garnish with small mango pieces.
I am sending this to Arundati who is hosting WBB #22"May Mango madness" this month.
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