Jun 17, 2008

Sweet paratha with coconut filling - easy indian dessert recipe

sweet coconut paratha I made this sweet parathas just for the blog events going on now. I came up with the idea after some googling and putting together 3 events . But whatever, my hubby just loved them. He was a bit disappointed as I had made only a few parathas. But wanted me to make this one frequently.

Wheat flour-1 cup
Dessicated coconut-1 cup
Dates- 2 or 3 deseeded and chopped fine
kaju/Cashews- 5
Almond/Badam- 5
Fine sugar- 3/4 cup
Ghee- 1sp

Make a dough with wheat flour adding water and a little oil.
Powder the Cashews and almonds in a blender.
Add little ghee/clarified butter in a pan. Toast the coconut for sometime. Then add powdered nuts and dates.Mix well .Add the sugar and stir for sometime till everything mixes well. Make a small ball with the dough. Roll it in a circle. Spread the coconut mixture on the circle. Roll another ball into a circle and place it above this. Seal both the circles together. Heat a girdle/tava and cook the rotis till small brown spots appear on them. Flip and cook on both the sides.
So this lovely parathas goes to the following events-
1) Roti mela hosted by Srivalli
2)Sweet series by Mythreyee( this month being puran poli or sweet chapatis and rotis)
3)AFAM coconut hosted by Suganya.
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