Jul 14, 2008

Peanut butter chocolate squares- easy dessert recipe

peanut butter chocolate squares When I was browsing some international food blogs, I came upon Lisa's kitchen. I found it very interesting with lovely recipes..some of them really easy and the main part was it was all vegetarian. I saw this recipe of delicious squares and it was quite easy and since I had some guests , I decided to make them immediately.It came out nice and tasted so good , my guest asked me to pack some for him to take home.
I did not make major changes to the ingredients. You can find the original recipe here.But here is the list of my ingredients and method.

Digestive biscuits by mcvities's- 1and 1/2 cup
Smooth peanut butter- 1 cup
Icing sugar-1 3/4 cup
Butter-1/2 cup
dark chocolate- 1 cup
Smooth peanut butter(for topping)-3/4 cup

Mix crushed digestive biscuits, peanut butter , icing sugar and butter in a medium sized bowl properly.Press into a greased glass pan.
Melt the chocolate and mix well with peanut butter till smooth. Drizzle over the bottom layer and smooth it even with a spatula.
Chill and cut them into pieces.
As this recipe contains only five ingredients, I am sending this to MBP- less is more July 08' being hosted by Nupur of one hot stove, the monthly event started by coffee.
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