Jul 16, 2008

Poli/chapati - basic maharashtrian recipe- step by step pictures

       Spending almost twenty five years of my life in Maharashtra, I have tasted every kind of Maharashtrian food. I am so fond of all the delicacies and though being a south indian, the cuisine was accepted by us as a staple food. I love puranpolis, sheera ,amti,dalbaati,thalipeeth,sabudana, varan bhaath etc. Groundnut is used in a large scale. They are roasted and powdered and added to the vegetables and salads.
I was always fascinated by the way they made polis. It used to be so soft and remained the same for a long time. And the aroma during poli preperation is just divine. So thought of posting basic steps for preparing poli. Though many might be aware of this basic recipe, but surely must be useful post for some of them who haven't tried.

Wheat flour- 2cups
salt - 2tsp
oil- 1tbsp

1. Make a dough with wheat flour. Add oil and the dough should be very soft.
2. Make small balls of the dough. Roll a ball into a circle.
3. Brush oil on the surface.
4. Fold it twice to form a triangle as shown in picture.
5.Roll this to a circle again.
6. Heat a girdle/tava. Cook on one side. Brush little oil on the surface. Flip and cook on the other side.

maharashtrian poli
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