Aug 6, 2008

7 Cup Burfi / 7 cup sweet - diwali burfi recipes

        As the name suggests, these burfi requires only seven cups of the total ingredients. I make this very often. It is very easy to make. As I had mentioned in my earlier posts, the only thing that scares me during making burfis is that I am not very sure at what consistency the burfi sets. But practice certainly makes things perfect. Today, I could make the burfi very comfortably without any hassles. I removed it from the flame at correct consistency and they set properly and it was soft and absolutely delicious. I am very happy with the developments in my burfi making ability!!! Begineers can start with this one. I have seen this recipe in many websites and magazines. One can be sure of good results.
Pictures updated -You may find many recipes stating the addition of ingredients in a proper order ,You can just follow by mixing everything well together and continuing with the stirring till it sets. I have tried this many times by now and it comes out well. It tastes good too. There is no hint of besan.
      This recipe is a sure thing for beginners. There is no making of the sugar syrup which makes the recipe complicated,so you can go ahead with this one!
Gram flour/besan/kadalai maavu - 1 cup
Grated coconut- 1 cup
Milk- 1 cup
Ghee- 1 cup
Sugar- 3 cups( But I use only 2 cups of pure granulated cane sugar which is very sweet compared to normal sugar)
Grease a plate with ghee.
Combine all the ingredients together in a thick bottomed vessel or a non stick kadai. Mix well so that there are no lumps of besan.Keep stirring (takes around 30 minutes) in a medium flame till it thickens and starts leaving the sides nicely. When you press a spoon on it gently, it does not stick on the spoon. This is another sign of the burfi being done.Pour it on a greased plate. Allow it to cool a little and cut into pieces(in the next 5-8 minutes.Seperate the pieces after it cools completely.Store in a air tight container.

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