Aug 4, 2008

Arbi Ajwaini- side dish for chapati recipe

arbi ajwaini Arbi or colocasia is one of the favourites at my home. But is prepared very rarely as I buy them only during my visits to indian shops. During the initial days of my marriage, my hubby used to say that his cousin sis makes the best arbi sabji. And whatever way I tried to make, it never was that good. Then during my recent visits to India, I met her and asked her the recipe for her arbi subji. And now I make it her way most of the times and my hubby is very fond of it. Thanks to my sis in law. She cooks really wonderful food and I got to learn so much from her. It was nice interacting with her, discussing and sharing so many new recipes. We rarely get to meet like minded people. I will post her recipe of arbi subji later.
My post today is a recipe of arbi sabji from Nita mehta's cook book. Arbi is combined with the masala of onion rings and flavoured with carom seeds or ajwain.

Arbi/colocasia- 1/2 kg
Onions cut into rings - 2
Ginger - chopped fine-1/2"
Tomatoes- chopped- 2
Carom seeds/ajwain- 1tsp
Cumin seeds/jeera- 1/2tsp
Dhania/coriander powder- 1tsp
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
Amchoor powder- 1/2tsp
Chopped coriander- 1/2 cup

Pressure cook arbi with 3 cups of water and 2tsp salt to give one whistle. Keep on low flame for 4 minutes . Do not overboil. Peel and flatten each piece between the palms. Heat 2 cups of oil in a pan for frying.Put 4-5 pieces of flattened arbi at one time in oil and fry till golden brown. Remove from oil and keep aside. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in another pan. Add ajwain and jeera. Cook till jeera turns golden. Add onion and cook till soft . Add haldi and mix. Add tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes till soft . Add ginger and stir for sometime. Then add the chilli powder ,amchoor powder, salt and dhania powder. Stir to mix well and add 2-3tbspn water. Boil. Add fried arbi and mix well. Add hara dhania and green chillies .Stir fry for 2 minutes.
And yes happy friendships day to all of you!! I was so touched when priyanka had made such beautiful cards for us for the occasion. I always admire your zeal and enthusasiam for everything!! You inspire me!!!Thanks Priyanka.
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