Aug 7, 2008

Vegetable chettinad curry recipe

I had already mentioned in my earlier post about the kitchen connect event we had in our bloggers meet last month. I got my ingredient from Sheetal. It was Khus khus or poppy seeds. She wanted me to make chettinad curry. I made it and it tasted great and the aroma was divine due to the spices in it. chettinad curryHere are the ingredients and procedure just as Sheetal had mentioned.
Boiled vegetables- 2 cups(I used cauliflower, carrots and beans)
Poppy seed- 2 tbspn
Cashewnuts- Broken in small pieces- 1 tbspn
tomatoes- 2 big ones
Curry leaves- 4
Haldi/turmeric powder- 1/2tsp
Red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
Milk- 1cup
Oil- 3tbspn
salt to taste

For chettinad masala
Freshly grated coconut-1/2 cup
Coriander seeds- 1tsp
Cumin seeds- 1/2tsp
Dry red chillies- 3
Cardamom- 3
Fennel seeds- 1tsp
Cloves- 2
Cinnamon- 1"
Oil- 1tbspn

Heat oil in a pan and fry the ingredients for chettinad masala till you get a roasted aroma. Keep aside. Soak the poppy seeds and cashewnuts in hot water for 5 minutes. Drain and grind it with the roasted masala ingredients to a smooth paste. Boil a vessel of water and dip the tomatoes sor 20 secs. Peel and deseed them .Chop into pieces. Heat the remaining oil in a pan. Add the curry leaves and cabbage. Saute for few minutes and then add the tomatoes, ground paste , Haldi powder, red chilli powder and salt. Cook till tomatoes blend well with the masala and oil seperates on the sides. Mix well and add one cup of water , boile vegetables and milk. Cover and simmer for a few minutes. Serve hot.
She also gave me a lovely box with a quote on friendship on it. Thanks Sheetal and I cherish our friendship forever!!!And I also would like to thank vani for her cute doll she presented me.

I am sending this to Srivalli's curry mela.
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