Aug 19, 2008

Stuffed snakegourd- Snakegourd recipes

stuffed snake gourd I never knew what to do with snakegourd except making kootu with it. My mom used to make simple dry curry with grated coconut. Its my dad's favourite. However I found it very boring , unless I started making it by adding onions and groundnuts to enhance the taste. And then I saw this recipe in Jaya shenoy's book. Stuffing snakegourd seemed to be a good idea. So I made this and it tasted good - a good side dish for chapatis.

Snakegourd- 2 medium sized
Potatoes- 6
Green chillies- 10
Red chilli-1
Oil- 4tbsp
Coconut gratings- 2tbspn
Mustard seeds- 1/2tsp
Oil for roasting
Asafoetida mixed in water

Scrape off snakegourd skin. Cut lengthwise,discarding seeds. Wash ,apply salt and keep aside. Boil potato,peel and mash them. Add salt ,chopped green chillies,coconut gratings,and asafoetida water. Mix well and prepare a stiff dough.Season with red chillies ,mustard in oil. Add a little juice of lime.Make balls of dough and stuff the snake gourd.Smear a pan with oil. Dust each piece with rava and roast till both sides are brown.
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