Aug 11, 2008

Vaizhaipoo parappu usli

Vaizhaipoo or banana flower/blossom is eaten worldwide and very popular in south Indian homes. It is widely available in Singapore and hence I make this quite frequently though I haven't had this much in India. It is known to be quite healthy also.
I usually make it during the weekends because my hubby helps me to remove the bracts and chop the flowers. Thats bit time consuming!!

vaizhaipoo usili

Whole Banana blossom- 1
Diluted buttermilk-1 cup
Tuvar dal- 1cup
Dried red chillies- 4-5
Cumin seeds/jeera- 1tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 2tsp
Mustard- 1tsp
Udid dal- 1tsp
Channa dal- 2tsp

Remove the outer sheath of the blossom. You will find a bunch of white flowers. Rub the whole bunch on your palms to snap of the white stemy portions(the anthers and stigma)that will not cook well. Chop the remaining portion and keep it in diluted buttermilk or turmeric water so that it doesn't blacken. You will find a pictoral description of how to do this here in case you are not aware.vaizhaipoo usili

Soak tuvar dal for 1 hour. Then drain the water. Grind it coarsely along with dried red chillies. Then make them into balls and steam them. Then after they slightly cool, crumble them nicely as shown in the picture below.

vaizhaipoo usili Drain the buttermilk from the Flowers. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard, udid dal and channa dal. Then add the flowers and saute for sometime. Then add the dal and mix well.
Serve hot as a side dish with sambar rice.
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