Aug 21, 2008

Vegetable Biryani- Restaurant style

       I did not know the difference between pulao and biryani around two years back when I was learning to cook. Then I learned that, in biryani , the rice is cooked seperately and then mixed with the other ingredients and spices. The first biryani , I tried making was with chole/chickpeas, the recipe I adapted ,found here.
Then I tried with the vegetables and came out really good. I followed the same recipe with some changes. Now I make this quite frequently. Its a little time consuming process, but worth all the efforts.It gives a typical restaurant effect. I usually make it on weekends for lunch and serve with plain curds or raitha.
      Definitely not a recipe for weight watchers as you have to be quite generous with the ghee , curd, milk etc. I make it less spicy as my son does not like it that way.

Basmati rice-2and1/2 cups
Vegetables- (potatoes,cauliflower,carrots,peas,paneer cut into medium sized chunks)
Onions - 2 big sliced
Tomato- 1 cut into pieces
Whole spices-bayleaves-1
                       Star anise-1
Biryani masala powder(commercially available)- 2tsp or (you can make your own masala..Masala powder recipe here, I have tried making it too and it gives a nice flavour when ground fresh)
Ginger garlic paste- 1tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder -1tsp
Coriander powder- 1tsp
Saffron strands- few
Milk-1 cup
Curd -1 cup
Ghee -1/2tbsp

        Wash the rice. Add about 4 glasses of water. Add little salt and few drops of lemon. Boil the rice. Allow it to cook for sometime, but not completely. It should still be a kind of raw. Drain the water. Add some ghee to the rice and mix gently. The grains should be seperate.
         Place the saffron strands in milk and keep it aside.
Fry some onion slices in oil till it is golden brown.
        Heat oil/ghee in a pan. Add the whole spices followed by the ginger garlic paste and then the onions(reserve some slices) and keep stirring. Then add the tomatoes and mix well. Add the salt ,turmeric powder,coriander powder and biryani masala ,salt and cook till everything mixes well. Then add the vegetables. Mix and cook it properly. Add the curd and mix well. Switch flame after 4 minutes.
Now for putting it together, it is done in layers.
    Rub some ghee in a  thick bottomed pan(I use the pressure cooker pan). Arrange a layer of the rice Sprinkle some saffron milk on it.. Then spread a layer of vegetable masala along with some fried onions on it. Then a rice layer again with some saffron milk  followed by the gravy and then the fried onions. Arrange another layer of rice. Add a glass of water, cover with a lid . Place this pan on a tava and cook for around 10 minutes till the rice is cooked completely. Switch off the flame.
     Then mix everything properly. Serve hot with raitha.

Add a good amount of milk saffron mixture for a nice flavour.
 Add ghee to prevent the rice being very dry.
Add some chilly powder to the gravy if you want it spicier.
You can also bake this in the end. See masoor dal biryani to check the baked version.



biryani looks lovely .. i still dont knw that much bifference between pulao N biryani .. in most restaurants they kinda taste similar .. some ppl i knw make rice seaprately N mix it even for pulao .. as long as its tasty i dont complain

LG said...

Biriyani looks yumm and I love the aroma of Biriyanis..trying to imagine it virtually now..

SMN said...

Sowmya Biryani looks yummy even i dont know the difference between these two dishes..loks yummy

G.Pavani said...

biryani looks yummy

Cinnamon said...

Biryani looks yummy.. and one dish meals are always preffered by me :-)

Divya said...

Biryani looks delcious Sowmya..I've been wanting to prepare biryani since a very long time,but the lenghty process always puts me off..wanted to try the chole biryani too..your pics look too tempting!!yummy entry!!

jayasree said...

Biryani looks yummy. I still don't hv much idea abt what is biryani/pulav. As long as it tasted good, no complains with the name.
Seeing urs, I feel the length process is worth the effort.

romaspace said...

hey! Nice aroma of biryani fills my room as I read your recipe. I actually had some for lunch.

Mum puts mint leaves with ginger-garlic paste sometimes for a change of taste.

Yours looks yummy !!

Priti said...

Veg Briyani looking real gud...I too make made veg briyani whenever there is less time or mood. Now that was a gud info for the diff btw briyani and abt Bringi...I guess bringi is also veg briyani too...what say?

Sireesha said...

Biryani looks yumm yumm i can even here smell the aroma of biryani

Sukanya said...

The Biryani looks divine sowmya.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow biryani looks gr8. There is something waiting for u in my blog. Check out.

Laavanya said...

That looks lovely.. i've got to give your method a shot.

Usha said...

Your biryani looks yummy Sowmya :)

priar's, said...

first time in ur blog...veg briyani is too good.I saw ur other blog ,ur so innovative :)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

WOW... This is my fav. Look so good. YUM!

Divya said...

Very tempting! It has been ages since I ate Biriyani. Will try this one when I can.


Kitchen Flavours said...

There is a suprise for you in my blog. Click here to know what the suprise is,

Vanamala said...

I love this recipe...

ANJALI J. said...

i never say NO to veg biryani.. its been my all time favourite..

Shri said...

Briyani is my all time favorite.yours looks so perfect.

Shri said...

Briyani is my all time favorite.Your's looks so perfect

karuna said...

the biryani looks really yummy. nice job.

Bhawana said...

Great. I dint know the diff between pulao and biryani. Looks very tempting, nice post.

notyet100 said...

thnks for the differnce between biryni nd pulao,..veg birysni looks nice,..we cll it tehri...

Miri said...

Looks yummy! Actually north indian biryanis have the rice cooked separately while in hyderabad and rest of the south, the rice is cooked along with other ingredients...and I like that way the best..thanks for this recipe

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