Sep 22, 2008

Bhappa Doi - A Bengali sweet

bhappa doi I am very fond of Bengali sweets. And there are a list of other sweets like rasmalai , rasgulla ,sandesh, pantooa which I have been wating to try for a very long time and am going to try them soon. I made this bhappa doi which is also a Benagali sweet. It is basically steamed sweet curds. In this, condensed milk along with curds is taken in a mould , covered with a foil and steamed in a vessel containing boiling hot water for about 20 minutes.
But I saw in Tarla dalal's cookbook that it could even be microwaved. So I decided to follow the microwave version.
It tasted really delicious, something very similar to shrikand.

Sweetened condensed milk- 1 cup
Curd/yogurt- 1cup
Almond/pistachios for garnishing

Mix the condensed milk and curd and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps.
Microwave this mixture for 1 minute and stand time for another 3 minutes.
Keep this in a refrigerator. Chill and then garnish with saffron, almonds and pistachios before serving.sweetened curd
I am sending this to LG who is hosting SWC- Bengal this month.
This also goes to mythreyee's sweet series where the theme is steamed/deep fried sweets.
Do have a look at temple of heaven in my craft blog.
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