Sep 2, 2008

Jayashree's microwaved potatoes and zebra cake revisited!!!

When I saw the recipe of this tandoori aloo snack in Jayashree's blog, it surely sounded delicious. I had a bag of baby potatoes sitting in my kitchen for almost a week, so I decided to go ahead with her recipe. It was quite delicious and was over in no time. You can find the recipe in Jayashree's blog under the name of tandoori aloo or Microwavi aloo as she calls it!!!I followed the same recipe ,just added a little chaat powder to the marinade.
microwave baby potatoes
When I made the zebra cake last time,it surely came out very nice.It was spongy , moist ,soft and tasted great. But I couldn't get the perfect zebra stripes. Divya of easycooking asked me to use a smaller spoon to layer the cake batter in the tin. And this tip helped me and did the trick this time. When I tried the cake again yesterday, it came out really good and I got the perfect stripes. You can see the picture below. And the recipe for the cake here.
zebra cake

While on the sweet note, Divya has passed me the "blogging friends forever award." Thanks a lot Divya. I am honoured to have a sweet friend like you.
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