Sep 11, 2008

Microwave Kasi halwa or Ash gourd halwa- easy microwave dessert recipe

microwave kasi halwa I usually make kootu with ash gourd or winter melon. But I am not too fond of it and buy it very rarely. This time , my hubby bought a big piece of ash gourd and was lying in my refrigerator for quite sometime. I somehow did not feel like making anything with it and was in look out for some new recipe with it. I even asked few of my friends. Actually nowadays we ladies who gather down in the evening for a chat, our conversation is mostly food ,recipes and potlucks and parties. One of my friends asked me to try olan.
And then just yesterday, while browsing, I saw this ashgourd halwa in jayashree's blog. She had posted it yesterday. The colour was so vibrant and recipe seemed to be quite easy, that too using a microwave. I wanted to make it immediately and felt that she had just posted for me!!!
It came out really good, tasted great and was a hit at home.

 Ash gourd(peeled, deseeded and grated) - a small one
Sugar - 1 cup
Red food colour - a pinch
Ghee - 4 tsp
Semolina/rava - 2 tsp

 Microwave ashgourd without adding any water for 8 minutes on high heat till the raw smell goes. Allow it to cool completely. Measure the pulp. I got a little more than 1.5 cups of pulp and used 1 cup of sugar for it. Adjust sugar depending on how much pulp you have left after cooking the gourd.
Combine the cooked gourd, sugar and food colour and microwave on high for 8 minutes. Add 2 tsp of ghee and mix well. Heat for another 6 minutes, checking every now and then to make sure it doesn't become too hard. Roast rava until golden brown in 2 tsp of ghee. Add this to the halwa and heat for one minute. Garnish with sliced cashews or almonds.
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