Oct 1, 2008

Vanilla Apple cake-SSB challenge

vanilla apple cake When I saw that this month's challenge in sweet and simple bakes was a cake too, I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping it would be something different,other than cakes. Then I noticed that , I had all the ingredients and thought of baking it anyway. And I was glad that I did. I enjoyed placing the apple slices on the cake batter and sprinkling with lots of cinnamon and brown sugar. It was fun baking this one and was slightly different than the other cakes I had baked. And the taste was awesome. We loved the taste of cinnamon on it and biting into the softened apple pieces was simply superb.
vanilla apple cake Thanks Rosie and Maria for a beautiful recipe this time too!!!An absolute winner!!! I did not make major changes to the original recipe. I just used brown sugar in place of demerara sugar.
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