Nov 4, 2008

Kalakand recipe with paneer/chenna - easy and quick

kalakand After seeing cham's ooey gooey sweet, I had fallen in love with it. Never knew the recipe was so simple. Cham has given many versions of the kalakand recipe. Later I saw it in LG's blog and the version she had used sounded quite simple. So I decided to go ahead with that version. It came out really good and tasted great too. Pistachios would have been more appropriate for garnishing, but I did not have them. So I used almonds instead.

Milk- 1/2 litre
Condensed milk- 200gms/half tin
Vinegar/lime- 1tbspn

Boil the milk.
Add vinegar or lime juice slowly.
The milk starts curdling.
 Collect the curdled portion /chenna in a strainer.
Wash it with running tap water.
Drain the water.
Heat a pan. Add the chenna and mix the condensed milk.
Keep stirring it till it forms a thick mass and starts leaving the sides without sticking.
Pour it in a plate. Allow it to cool. Cut into pieces. Garnish with almonds or pistachios.

Find recipe for mango kalakand here.
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