Jul 30, 2008

Masala dosa recipe

         Though being a southie, dosas and idlis are not a reglar feature at my place. Thats because of my laziness probably, I never bother to make the batter.But last weekend ,we decided to make dosas. So my hubby got the batter ready. I should tell the truth. He did everything while I just relaxed. We had it for our sunday lunch or brunch..whatever you call it!!! It was very delicious. This is the recipe.

For dosa batter
Raw rice- 2 cups
Boiled rice- 1 cup
Whole udid dal- 1 cup
fenugreek seeds- 1tbspn
Soak rice and dal seperately along with fenugreek seeds. Rice has to be soaked for around 5 to 6 hours and dal for 2 hours. Grind the rice along with fenugreek seeds and then the dal and mix them adding salt.

For potato/aloo subji
pototoes- 5 to 6 medium sized(cooked and mashed well)
Onions- 1finely chopped
Green chillies- 2 nos finely chopped
salt to taste
oil - 1tbspn
Turmeric powder- 1tsp
Heat oil in a pan. Add the green chillies and then onion and fry till they get translucent. Then add turmeric powder and salt . Add the mashed potatoes and mix well.

Chutney spread
Onions- 1 chopped
Red chilies- 3-4
Garlic- 4 to 5
Tamarind- a small lump
Channa dal/gram dal- 1 tbspn
Oil- 2tsp

Heat oil in a pan. Add the channa dal and red chillies. Stir for sometime. Add the onion and fry for sometime. Blend everything together with a little tamarind.

Heat a dosa tava. Pour the batter and spread it. Allow it to cook on one side. Then Spread the chutney on the upper side and lay the potato masala on the center.
Fold it as shown in the picture below. Serve hot with chutney and/or sambar.
masala dosa
Indeed delicious. Thanks to my hubby!!!
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Jul 29, 2008

Flowers from Vani to vani!!!

I made this flowers with chart (card) paper according to the pictoral instructions Vani has given in her blog. I made them slightly bigger by rolling them on a skewer. This flowers are being sent to Vani for her flower collection.
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Jul 27, 2008

Watermelon with honey - easy fruit dessert recipe

Yes we met again. This time with more foodies. We had a great time. It was nice to meet so many like minded people. We had the kitchen connect event organised by lakshmi. Each of us left with a secret ingredient. My ingredient was from Sheetal and she gave me "khus khus" or poppy seeds. I will be posting my recipe soon. Vani also presented a beautiful handmade doll. I will put up all the pictures in my post with the "kitchen connect" recipe. You can see the pictures in Priyanka's blog.
Yesterday, we had melon salad for breakfast. I got the recipe from a book of wholefood cooking by Margaret fulton. It was simply wonderful and can be had anytime either as breakfast or dessert. Here's the recipe.
honey watermelonIngredients-
Watermelon - yellow or red - 1/2
Clear honey- 2 tbspn
Lemon juice- 1tbspn
Almond flakes roasted- 1/4 cup
Sherry- 2tbspn(in the original recipe)- I looked for a substitute for sherry and I found pineapple or orange juice or vanilla extract could be used. I just added a few drops of vanilla essence.

Scoop the flesh out of watermelon discarding the seeds and cut into cubes. Mix together the honey ,lemon juice and the sherry/ juice . Then fold in the melon.Chill for 1 hour. Spoon into glasses and sprinkle with the almond to serve.
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Jul 24, 2008

Beetroot burfi recipe

beetroot burfi
I love burfis, but am scared of making them. Making burfis has always been a disappointment for me. I am never sure when to stop stirring and at what consistency, it would set properly. Most of the times, I stop the stirring too early and it does not set. Then I have to again repeat the process. This way , it is either ok or I burn a portion of it. So it has been a very long time, I did not dare to make them. I have been thinking of making halwa with beetroot for sometime. So I thought of attempting it today. But then as I had not made burfi for a long time, I made burfi instead of halwa and it was a big challenge for me. And hurray, it came out good in the first attempt itself. I am not sure whether I was lucky today to get it right or I have learned making burfis!!!!!I know they are still not that great, but am happy that it was ok the first time itself. Anyway, I think I will try making more of burfis now . So friends , be prepared to see lot of burfi varieties now. And if anyone has a better idea of how to know when the burfi is ready to be set,please do share it here and give me some tip!!!
It is my 50th post today and I am happy to be a part of this blogging world till now.50 may not be a big deal for many, but for me it certainly is. I never hoped to reach 50.I sometimes get so busy with other activities that I don't get enough time for blogging or even cooking something special. I hope to do many more posts and your comments and kind words keep encouraging me. I hope you continue to inspire me the same way to do more.

Beetroot - 1cup grated
Ghee- 1tbspn
Milk- 1/2 cup
Granulated Sugar-3/4 cup(Use 1 cup if using grain sugar)
Cardamom powder-1tsp
cashew for decoration

Add ghee in a pan. Add the grated beetroot and stir for sometime till it gets a bit dry. Then add the milk and keep stirring till the beetroot gets cooked well. Stir in the sugar and cardamom powder and mix well. Keep stirring till it becomes a thick mass. Spread this on a greased plate. Cut into the shape you desire with a greased knife.Cool and make the pieces.
beetroot burfi
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Jul 23, 2008

Navrathna pulao recipe - mughlai rice recipe

navrathna pulao This is a mughlai variety of rice which is quite rich and delicately spiced. I took the recipe from Tarla dalal's joys of vegetarian cooking. It tasted great and the aroma was simply superb and the frangrance lasted for a long long time. Certainly will be liked by people who enjoy less spicy food.

Basmati rice- 2 cups
Cashewnuts - 1tbspn
Raisin- 1tbspn(i did not use them)
Onion- 1 sliced
Paneer- 2 tbspn
Green peas- 1 cup
Carrot- 1 diced and boiled
Shahjira- 1 tsp
Cinnamon- 1stick
Cloves- 2
Cardamom- 3
Fruit pieces - 1tbspn stewed(I used apple)
Saffron- 1/4tsp
Ghee- 4tbspn
Salt- to taste
Ginger garlic green chilly paste- 1tbspn

Cook the rice. The grains should be seperate. Heat ghee in a pan. Add cashewnuts.Fry and keep them aside. Then add raisins(if using). Fry and keep them aside.Fry the onions till they are golden brown and keep aside. Add the shahjira,cinnamon, cloves and cardamoms to the ghee and fry again. Add the rice, paneer,green peas,carrots , fruit pieces, paste , salt and mix well. Warm the saffron a little , rub in a little warm water and add it to rice. Decorate with the fried cashews,raisins and onions.
You can serve with spicy curds.
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Jul 21, 2008

Zebra cake recipe

zebra cake After seeing so many bloggers trying out this cake, I was also tempted to try this. Some called it zebra,others tiger or leopard. But whatever it was called, it definitely looked good and each time I saw it the more I was tempted to try it. Somehow I never found time or did not have one or the other ingredient or thought it was very difficult and did not have the patience and above all I was lazy!!!
But when I saw recently in Divya's blog, I thought of trying soon and managed to do yesterday when I found time and my hubby looked after our baby and I could work in solitude in my kitchen. I was not really happy with the result as I did not get the perfect stripes. But wasn't that disappointed because I definitely got the striped pattern, but not a symmetrical wavy one. The cake was very soft , spongy and moist.But the preparation was quite easy and I understood where I went wrong and should have added more layers to get the perfect pattern.
So I had to console myself saying that practice makes man (A woman...A baker!!!!):)) perfect. I still have a long way to go to become a good baker.
I loved this recipe from Farida's blog. She says that she has tried many times and quantity of ingredients is just perfect and one can go ahead with confidence. And I certainly agree with this. So do check out her blog if you are interested in making this cake.
zebra cake

All purpose flour- 2 cups
Baking powder- 1tbsp
Eggs- 4
Granualated sugar- 1cup
Sunflower oil- 1 cup
Milk- 1 cup
Vanilla essence- 1tsp
Cocoa powder- 2tbsp
Combine sugar and eggs and beat till it becomes creamy. Then add Milk and oil and beat again.Then add the sieved flour and baking powder and mix well .Add the essence. Divide the batter in two equal portions. Add cocoa powder in one portion , the other kept as it is(plain)
Now in a baking pan, add a scoopful of plain batter in the centre of the pan. Then add the batter with chocolate on the top of the plain batter. Repeat the procedure with rest of the batter. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 40 minutes.

zebra cake The cake is really worth trying and I really enjoyed making this cake. I am going to make this again and will post a better picture of the cake later.
I had already mentioned in my last post that Lakshmi of taste of mysore sent me a cute card and bookmark . I was thrilled when I recieved it. She has also invited me to the next bloggers meet where we are going to have our event called "Kitchen connect".Tell you more about it later. Thanks Lakshmi for the beautiful surprise and am looking forward for the event.

Thanks Lakshmi!! It's so cute!!! I am proud of our friendship.
An update- I made the zebra cake again and got the perfect stripes this time. You can see the picture in this post.
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Jul 16, 2008

Poli/chapati - basic maharashtrian recipe- step by step pictures

       Spending almost twenty five years of my life in Maharashtra, I have tasted every kind of Maharashtrian food. I am so fond of all the delicacies and though being a south indian, the cuisine was accepted by us as a staple food. I love puranpolis, sheera ,amti,dalbaati,thalipeeth,sabudana, varan bhaath etc. Groundnut is used in a large scale. They are roasted and powdered and added to the vegetables and salads.
I was always fascinated by the way they made polis. It used to be so soft and remained the same for a long time. And the aroma during poli preperation is just divine. So thought of posting basic steps for preparing poli. Though many might be aware of this basic recipe, but surely must be useful post for some of them who haven't tried.

Wheat flour- 2cups
salt - 2tsp
oil- 1tbsp

1. Make a dough with wheat flour. Add oil and the dough should be very soft.
2. Make small balls of the dough. Roll a ball into a circle.
3. Brush oil on the surface.
4. Fold it twice to form a triangle as shown in picture.
5.Roll this to a circle again.
6. Heat a girdle/tava. Cook on one side. Brush little oil on the surface. Flip and cook on the other side.

maharashtrian poli
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Paper roses in a vase!!!

I made this long time ago again. I used different coloured chart papers to make the roses. For the petal, I cut the chart paper into small circles and pasted all of them together at the base to give a rose like structure. Stem was again made by rolling the chart paper and pasting it to the base of petals. For the vase, I simply pasted chart paper on a used cylinderical can and decorating with chart paper cut in different decorative shapes.
So this beautiful piece is ready with scratch. All the things are easily available at home. You can really create beautiful things with what we think as waste.
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Jul 14, 2008

Peanut butter chocolate squares- easy dessert recipe

peanut butter chocolate squares When I was browsing some international food blogs, I came upon Lisa's kitchen. I found it very interesting with lovely recipes..some of them really easy and the main part was it was all vegetarian. I saw this recipe of delicious squares and it was quite easy and since I had some guests , I decided to make them immediately.It came out nice and tasted so good , my guest asked me to pack some for him to take home.
I did not make major changes to the ingredients. You can find the original recipe here.But here is the list of my ingredients and method.

Digestive biscuits by mcvities's- 1and 1/2 cup
Smooth peanut butter- 1 cup
Icing sugar-1 3/4 cup
Butter-1/2 cup
dark chocolate- 1 cup
Smooth peanut butter(for topping)-3/4 cup

Mix crushed digestive biscuits, peanut butter , icing sugar and butter in a medium sized bowl properly.Press into a greased glass pan.
Melt the chocolate and mix well with peanut butter till smooth. Drizzle over the bottom layer and smooth it even with a spatula.
Chill and cut them into pieces.
As this recipe contains only five ingredients, I am sending this to MBP- less is more July 08' being hosted by Nupur of one hot stove, the monthly event started by coffee.
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Jul 10, 2008

Tofu pilaf / tofu rice recipe

tofu pilaf I had bookmarked many recipes with tofu, but never manged to make any of them. After a long time, I decided to make pulao/pilaf with the tofu I brought sometime ago. I took the basic idea for the recipe from here.


Firm Toufu/bean curd- 100gms.
Basmati rice- 1 cup
Frozen vegetables- (peas, carrots, corns)- 1/2 cup
Onions- 1 finely cut
Ginger, garlis greenchilli paste- 1 tsp
Bayleaves- 1
Cinnamon- 1 small piece
Cumin seeds- 1tsp
Light Soya sauce- Around 1tbsp
Oil- 1tbsp and for deep frying.
Salt to taste

Cut the tofu in small cubes and marinade them with soya sauce. Keep it aside for around 30 minutes. Tofu is porous and hence will absorb any spice added to it. Then deep fry them . Wash the rice, drain the water and leave it on the sieve for sometime.
In another pan, heat oil and add cumin seeds. Then add the cinnamon and bayleaves. Then goes the garlic ginger and green chilli paste. Add the onions and saute for sometime. Mix in the frozen vegetables and then the rice and stir well. Then add the deep fried tofu. Add salt. Add around 2 cups of water and pressure cook.
Serve hot with raitha .

Tofu is rich in protein. It consists of around 42% protein or a half cup serving of firm tofu has 10.1 gms of proteins.

I have another tofu dish called Spicy tofu subzi in one of my old posts.
Spicy tofu subzi and tofu pilaf goes to "protein rich healthy food" a monthly event hosted by Sangeeth.
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More of my crochet work...

These are the pictures of some crochet table cloth. I made them around 2 years back. .
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Jul 8, 2008

Fruit and nut kesari- easy sweet recipes

fruit rava kesari I am bored of baking cakes? No..thats not the truth. The baking bug has bitten me. I would want to make cakes and cookies everyday. My blog seemed like some baking blog one day(I would't mind that). Not only that , my family also got bored of eating cakes frequently. And I too needed a change.I decided to stop baking for sometime and try making other sweets and desserts. I have bookmarked so many of them. So when it was my birthday last month, I made this fruit kesari and for my hubby's birthday last week, I made carrot halwa. But could not take a photograph, so will be posting the next time I make it . This kesari was definitely good, a small change from the regular , plain one.

Rava/sooji/semolina- 1 cup
Granulated sugar- 3/4 cup
Apple- 1 small, peeled and cut into fine pieces.
Cranberries- a few
Almonds - 5
Cashews- 5
Raisins- 5
Milk - 1 cup
Yellow edible food colour- a pinch dissolved in the milk
Ghee- 1tbspn

Heat the ghee in a pan. Add all the fruits/dry fruits and saute for few minutes. Then add the rava and keep stirring till it just begins to get slightly golden in colour and gives out a nice aroma. Then mix sugar in it and stir for sometimes. Add the milk (with dissolved edible colour). Add a cup of water if needed and stir till it becomes thick. Serve hot.
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Jul 3, 2008

Lauki/doodhi/bottlegourd paratha and microwave lauki kheer - bottle gourd recipes

I was never too fond of bottlegourd until I tasted the parathas our Maharashtrian friend made for us one evening. It is a regular thing at my place now. It tastes delicious, easy to make, less time consuming and taken with spicy curds/raitha.
Doodhi/lauki /bottlegourd paratha -
lauki parathaIngredients-
Bottlegourd- grated -1 cup
Wheat flour- 2 cup
salt- to taste
chilly- 2 chopped fine
turmeric powder- 1tsp
coriander- chopped fine.
Mix all the ingredients together and make a soft dough adding little oil. There will be no necessity to add water as grated bottle gourd will be quite watery. Make small balls of the dough and roll them out to small circles. Heat a tava/girdle and cook the parathas on both the sides. Brush little ghee on it. Serve hot.

Kheer with bottlegourd?? yes ...indeed..I saw this recipe in Tarla dalal's book on microwave cooking. And made this in the microwave. It was creamy and delicious, a hit at my place.
Microwave Doodhi kheer-doodhi kheer
Grated bottlegourd- 1 cup
Sugar- 1/3 cup
Milk powder- 1/2 cup
Milk- 1 cup
Cardamom powder- a pinch
Ghee- 1tbspn
Almonds- 1 tbspn slivered
Squeeze out all the excess water from the bottlegourd and keep aside. In a bowl, mix together the sugar, milk powder, milk, and cardamom powder. Keep aside.
In a microwave safe bowl , mix together the ghee and bottlegourd and microwave on high for 3 minutes,stirring once after 2 minutes. Add the milk mixture , mix well and microwave on high for 5 minutes ,stirring once in between after 2 1/2 minutes . Serve hot garnished with slivered almonds.

Both this dishes goes to VoW bottlegourd , a monthly event hosted by Pooja of My creative ideas.
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Jul 1, 2008

Ultimate double chocolate cookies recipe

ultimate double chocolate cookies I began my baking adventures very recently. And just a month back when two wonderful bakers have started a blog Sweet and simple bakes where they have shared lot of things on baking which is very useful for people like me who are new to baking. I could not make flapjacks last month which was their challenge for the last month. But I did not want to miss it this month.
This month , it was turn to make lovely cookies. I followed the recipe they have mentioned here. I added very little cocoa powder, so the colour of my cookies are not so dark as theirs. But they tasted delicious. Thanks Rosie and marie for the wonderful blog. Hope to learn a lot from you every month. I will be surely trying the flapjacks which you made last month.

Makes around 20

250g (9 oz) plain (all –purpose) flour
50g (2 oz) cocoa powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
175g (6 oz) softened butter
200g (7 oz) light brown sugar
100g (4 oz) caster (super fine) sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs, lightly beaten
300g (11 oz) plain or milk chocolate chips

You will need 2 -3 baking sheets greased or lined with non-stick Teflon liners or non-stick paper.


Sift together the flour, cocoa powder and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl add the softened butter and both sugars and beat together until light and fluffy. Incorporate the egg into the mixture a little at a time until fully combined, then add the vanilla and mix in well. Fold in the sieved flour mixture then the chocolate chips until thoroughly combined. Wrap the mixture in cling film (plastic wrap) and leave to chill in the fridge until the mixture is firm, for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan 180°C/375°F/Gas mark 5.

Divide the mixture up into equally quantities (it should make approximately 20 large cookies) and roll into balls. Place onto the baking sheets leaving enough space for the cookies to spread when being baked, with your hand or a spoon slightly press the top of each cookie to make a flatter shape.

Place into the preheated oven and bake for approximately 10 -12 minutes until the edges begin to darken. They will look and feel under baked but they’ll be ready. Leave on the baking sheets for about 2 minutes to slightly firm up and then with a large spatula to a wire cooling rack until completely cool.

Top tip: when rolling cookie mixture, slightly damp your hands in cold water this helps to form the mixture without too much sticking to your hands, or use a ice cream scoop to make them all the same size.
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