Jan 23, 2009

Orange basundi!!

Well ,this is definitely another post , something like any other post on any other day. But such occasions always allows you to express our gratitude and say a small thank you to all those who have played a role ,big or small ,but influenced in a positive way to lead a productive life.
Yes..finally its a year now. I can't believe that I could stay in this blogging world for an year. So many posts, so many recipes, so many cuisines and so many pictures. In my 100th post I have mentioned how all this started. Thanks to the microwave I bought last year. I started hunting for new dishes in the net and came across a few blogs. And I got so addicted to this bloghopping and finally decided to start a blog of my own. Thanks to my hubby ..who helped me all through this by giving me some tips once in a while,right from deciding the name for the blog. I also like to thank LG who also gave me useful tips by sending me long mails even in her busy schedule..and of course my sis who gave me some nice recipes once in a while..and my baby without whose co operation I could not have even sat before the computer. And in this one year , I could discover the real cook in me.
       I had posted a simple cake and had mentioned that as I was new to baking, and the cake had not come too well. But am going to improve my skills in due course. And I really feel I have definitely learned some good baking in this past 12 months and yes its a long way to go and there is so much to learn yet.....
And the best part is ...I got so many friends through blogging. When we had the blogger's meet in Singapore, I could physically meet so many bloggers and I cherish this friendship for life.
Thankyou Lg,priyanka,priti,Sukanya,Vanisri,Priya,Nupur,Sheetal. And blogging has bought the world closer too. I feel so connected with so many bloggers living in different parts of the world. Thank you one and all for all your sweet encouraging words which has always inspired me to do more , try more and learn more. I hope you all continue to do so.
So for the one year celebration I am presenting an Indian dessert recipe (and not a cake this time!!!) I saw orange basundi recipe in Nupur's blog and loved the idea of adding oranges in basundi. I made this with my own version of basundi and it was fantastic. I thought today would be the best day to post this superb dessert.

Orange Basundi
Whole milk- 1 liter
Condensed milk- 200gms
Granulated sugar- 2tbspn
Cardamom powder- 1/2tsp
Saffron- few strands
Cashews- 10 no.
Oranges- 2 (peel and remove the segments)

Grind the cashews with a little water to a paste and keep aside.Boil the milk and then add condensed milk,sugar, cardamom powder,saffron and the cashew paste. Keep stirring till the milk turns thick and reduced to almost half. Then add the orange segments and stir for 2-3 minutes. Remove from flame.
Chill and serve.

A treat for all of you!!!
orange basundi
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