Mar 19, 2009

Baked vegetable pasta

baked veg pasta Pasta has always been a favourite. I remember my mom made it in a 'desi' way, that is like adding the boiled pasta to cooked vegetables with usual seasoning and spices. And we enjoyed it a lot. Then later my mom used to make a white sauce and add the boiled pasta to it with salt and pepper and that version became my favourite. I still make it that way sometimes. But this time I tried baking it with some vegetables and nuts along with some herbs. We liked it , but it never matched the taste of pasta with white sauce version. But still, this one is more healthier with less of fat.

Pasta shells- 1 cup(I used penne pasta made with durum wheat semolina)
carrots- 1 chopped thin and long
Capsicum- 1/2 chopped thin and long
Onion- 1 long slices
tomato- 1 chopped
Garlic- 1 clove chopped
Walnut- 1/4 cup chopped
Almonds- 3 to 4 chopped
Mixed herbs- 1tsp
Lemon rind-1/2tsp (optional)
Butter for greasing the baking dish
Canola oil- 1tsp(you can use olive oil)
Salt to taste

Preheat the oven to 180c.Boil the pasta shells along with some salt. Drain the water and keep it aside. Heat oil in a pan. Add the onions and garlic and cook till translucent. Then add the other vegetables and the nuts along with herbs and little salt. Cook till the vegetables are a little tender.
Now grease a baking dish with butter. Sprinkle the lemon rind on it if you are using. Then add a layer of pasta. Then add a vegetable layer over it. Then a layer of pasta again followed by a layer of vegetable again.
Now at this point , you can sprinkle some mozarella cheese on it. (I just added little cheese spread on it for the cheesy taste.)
Bake this at 180c for 30 minutes.
Mix a little when you serve. Serve warm.
baked veg pasta
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