Mar 17, 2009

Ravai payasam/kheer or semolina pudding recipe

ravai payasam Ravai/rava/semolina is something which is commonly used almost everyday in sweets and savouries. Sheera/kesari is one sweet made in jiffy. But I had never tried making payasam with rava. It was my dad's birthday beginning of this month and I was wondering what to make. I did not feel like baking that day and dad loves Indian sweets most of the times. So then I made this one. It tasted great and is very easy and quick to make. You can make these delicious dessert when you have guests for dinner.

Rava/semolina- 1/2 cup
Milk- 2 cups
Ghee to roast- about 2tsp(1+1)
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Cashews- few broken to small pieces

Boil the milk.Roast the semolina in ghee for around 5 minutes. Add sugar and mix well. Then add the milk and stir till it thicken and the mixture is a uniform liquid. Roast the cashews in ghee and add it to the payasam. Garnish with saffron. Chill and serve.

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