May 5, 2009

Announcing SWC- Cooking with greens event

Cooking with greens
As I had mentioned in my post,that I have to get serious about blogging and it was high time to do something , I decided to host an event in my blog,my first event. My special thanks to lakshmi, who gave me a chance to host the SWC this month. As lakshmi has already been concenterating on healthy foods in her past few food blog events , I decided to carry on the same tradition.
As greens are an essential part of our diet, it would be nice to know not only the various preperation methods ,but also the various kinds of green leafy vegetables.

Why greens?
Green leafy vegetables are a great source of many essential vitamins and minerals our body needs to keep healthy. It includes vitamin A,C,K,folate, iron and calcium. They are great sources of fiber too. It also contains some nutrients to prevent certain types of cancer and good for heart too. Its recommended to eat 3 cups of green leafy vegetables per week or half a cup everyday.
They also provide varieties of phytonutrients including beta carotene and lutiene and zeaxanthene which protects our cells from damage and eye related problems.They also contain small amounts of omega-3-fats.
Greens have very little carbohydrates content in them and they are packed in layers of fibers which make them very slow to digest. Therefore greens have very little impact on blood glucose. Some green contains oxalates which may bind some calcium in the greens.Indeed they are nutritional powerhouses.

What all can you include?
You can use any green leafy vegetables in your preparation. You can refer here for the list of green leafy vegetables.
A small common list of greens is mentioned below-
Spinach, fenugreek,coriander,mint,amaranth,beet greens,brussels sprouts, cabbage,brocolli,collard green,lettuce,mustard greens,sorrel ,kailan,chye sim and many more.

What can you do with them?
Thats completely your choice. You can whip up any vegetarian dish with your choice of green. It can be a snack, salad,bread,rice, or maybe a dessert too!!!Just dont forget to add lots of greens in them. Post the recipe with photo of your dish in your blog before 6th of june and do mention the health benefits.

Some rules for participation-
*Make any vegetarian dish using greens as the star ingredient. Using eggs is allowed.
*Please send me your entries to creativesaga(at)gmail(dot)com.
Entries should include the name of your blog with the url, the name of your dish with the entry url and an photo of the dish.
*The last date for sending in your entries is June 6th 2009'.
*Multiple entries are most welcome.
* Non bloggers can send me the recipe and photo of the dish to the above mentioned e-mail address. I will include it in the round up.
*Linkback to the announcment when you post the entry.
*Please include the logo if you wish to.

Logo image courtesy-

*Dont forget to have your daily cup of greens!!
Update- You can send entry from your archives. But do mention about it with the link to the event in your new post.
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