May 30, 2009

Decorating glass!! So easy and pretty!!

In this post, I thought of presenting some work on glass. Glass literally means used bottles or bowls. I just used glitters and glass colours on empty coffee bottles and they look so pretty. I have placed them in my kitchen and they are indeed very attractive.
See pictures below!
Glitter tubes were used on the first two bottles(from left) and glass paint was used on the third bottle.

Glass paint colour tubes were used on the vinyl sheets. I placed the vinyl sheets on the design and then marked an outline with black colour and then filled in the other colours. It was dried and then the vinyl sheet was pasted on the glass of a window.
Here too, I have done the same thing. Glass colours were used on the vinyl sheet. I pasted the vinyl sheet on the door, though sticking them on transparent glass would have made it more attractive.
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