Jun 8, 2009

Round up of Swc- Cooking with Greens part-1

I am so glad to present the round up of my first event Swc-Cooking with greens. Before that, I would like to summarize a few things. First, I would like to thank Lakshmi of taste of mysore who allowed me to host the SWC event this month. Then I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in the event. Special thanks to enthusiastic bloggers who send me more than 5 to 10 entries. I received a total of 112 entries. So to round up the entries, I have cateogorised them into few groups according to the different greens used in the recipe.
In this part, I have presented the recipes ,with spinach as the star ingredient. Spinach in the sense, could be the keerai varieties, palak, chinese spinach, amaranth etc. In the next and final part, I will be presenting rest of the greens such as mint, fenugreek, mustard greens etc.
So here goes the recipes using spinach. I sincerely hope you enjoy the round up!!

Click on the image or click here to view the photo gallery.

First Row

1. Deleted
2. spinach poriyal by Padma
3. Vallarai keerai sambal by Abhilashini Sapthana
4. Palak egg fry by kavya
5. Aloo palak fry by kavya
6. Arakeerai muttai poriyal by abhilashini sapthanaa
7. Palak soya fry by kavya
8. Tomato spinach omelette by A2z vegeterian cuisine

Second Row

1. Plain palak curry by A2Zvegeteriancuisine
2. Palak paneer by SGD
3. Palong shaak sheddo by SGD
4. Mashed Spinach dal by Padma
5. Spinach kootu by Usha nandini
6. Palak paneer by Sreevidya
7. Spinach Moong dal saag by Priti
8. Spinach rice by Divya Vikram

Third Row

1. Mudhu Palya by LG
2. Keerai morkootu by Sowmya
3. Palak paratha by Sharmistha
4. Palak Saag by priti
5. Agathi keerai thuvaran by Sukanya
6. Mulai keerai kadaiyal by Kayal
7. Baked spinach koftas by Parita
8. Arakeerai kulambu by abhilashini sapthanaa

Fourth Row

1. Aloo palak by Pratibha
2. Lasooni palak by jyothi
3. Totakoora mamadikaaya pappu by Rekhas kitchen
4. Spiced creamy spinach by Priya
5. Water spinach stir fry by priya
6. Aloo palak tikki by Priya
7. Spinach with mixed vegetables by Indranid
8. Spinach mango pakoda by Vineeela Siva

Last Row

1. Minestrone soup by pooja
2. Spanakopita by pooja
3. Thotakoora pesarupappu podi koora by Pratibha
4. Spinach raitha by sowmya(creative saga)
5. Palak shorba of preeti(khaugiri)
6. 7. 8. repeated images in the collage

* Keerai pappu kootu By sapthanaa Abhilashini (also a recipe with spinach) was not included in the collage. It will be presented in the next part.

Ok, here I sign off and see you soon with the next part of greens. Enjoy!!!
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