Jun 13, 2009

Round up of SWC- Cooking with greens part 2

I am so glad that you liked the spinach round up part 1. As some of you have stated , it sure would be a good reference when you want to cook the healthy greens in some unique way. In this round up , I will present to you all the other different greens. Hope you enjoy them.

Please do click on the Images for enlarged pictures/for viewing the photo gallery).


First row
1. Tangy green salad by notyet100
2. Bari chutney by notyet100
3. Kothimeera dosa by Uma
4. Kothamalli morkozumbu by Sowmya

Second row
1. Coriander pulao by Sowmya
2. Vankaya kothimeera karam by kavya
3. Kothamalli thokku by sree vidya
4. Dhania paneer by Pinky

Third row
1.Coriander and paneer pulao by Priya
2.Cilantro yogurt chutney by kavya
3. Aloo peas in cilantro gravy by kavya
4. Potato fry with coriander chutney by priti


First row
1. Deleted
2. spicy mint pesarattu moong dal dosa by Uma
3. Mint and lima beans khichdi by srilakshmi
4. Mint rice by Nandini
5. Pudina kothamalli powder by my scrawls

Second row
1. Mint rasam by viki xavier
2. Mint leaf chutney by viki xavier
3. Mint bengal gram brown rice quinoa by A2Z vegetarian cuisine
4. Minty cashew peas pulao by Priya
5. Mint pakoda by Priya

Third row
1. Mint leaves rasam by Priya
2. Mint Coriander rasam by Pooja
3. Pudina chutney by sapthanna abhilashini
4.5. Repeated images


First row
1. Aloo methi fry by Sapthanaa abhilashini
2. Methi chapati by Sapthanaa Abhilashini
3. Methi rice by home cooked Oriya food

Second row
1. Methi aloo by srilakshmi
2. Aloo methi by Padma3. Methi na muthiya Dhokla by A2Zvegetarian cuisine4. Methi paratha by Sowmya(creative Saga)

Drumstick Greens

First row
1. kayal's drumstick leaves adai2. Drumstick greens by Malar gandhi
Second row
1. Iron adai by Nithya
2. Go green dosa by Nithya


1. Brahmi/timare tambli by Sush
2. Brahmi Thuvayal by Sush

Gongura /sorrel leaves

1. Gongura pickle by srilakshmi
2. Gongura leaves pachadi by sireesha


First row
1.Salad greens with orange balsamic dressing by Ning(heart and hearth)
2. Lettuce and chinese cabbage sabji by sapthaana Abhilashini

Second row
1. Evergreen italian salad with nuts by A2Zvegetarian cuisine
2. Cabbage channa dal by priti(Indian khana)
3. Jain cabbage subji by priya


First row
1. Broccoli pirattal by Sapthanaa Abhilashini
2. Srilankan broccoli fry by Priya

Second row
1. Broccoli gratin by Lisa Henderson
2. Broccoli uralakizhanga uperi by prajusha
3. Instant microwaved broccoli pachadi by Priya


1. Bokchoy stir fry by Priya
2. Bokchoy poricha kootu by priya

Curry leaves

1. curry leaves chutney by kayal
2. Karivepillai podi rice by lavi

Sping onions

1. Sping onions piratal by Sapthanna abhilashini
2. spring onion stir fry by pooja sekar

Recipes with 2 or more greens

First row
1. Kuku subji by Pooja
2.Authentic spinach methi gota pakoda by A2Zvegetarian cuisine
3. Spinach celery soup by A2Zvegetarian cuisine

Second row
1. Methi mint multigrain paratha by A2Zvegetarian cuisine2. Spinach mint rice by Dipali3. Sindhi Saibhaji by Avisha
Other Unique recipes with greens

First row
1. Stamnaggathi by Ivy of kopiaste
2.Green chard stir fry by usha(my spicy kitchen)
3. Swiss chard masiyal by cham
Second row
1. Collard green stir fry by Cham
2. Kale leaf stir fry by viki xavier
3. Stir fry raddish greens by Indrani

Third row
1. Stir fry water cress by Indrani
2. Sarson ka saag by yasmeen
3. Chilled cucumber dill soup By valarmathi

Spinach(contd from part 1st)
(including some entries updated later)

1. Garlic greens by Nithi
2. Keerai parappu kootu by abhilashini Sapthanaa
3. Dill and spinach rice by Divya rao (updated recently)
So here ends the round up of SWC cooking with greens. I have taken care in the compilation so that I don't miss anything. But in case I have left out any entries , please do tell me in the comment section or you can mail me at creativesaga@gmail.com. Please check if the entries are properly linked to your site.
I sincerely apologise if I have missed out your entries.

Do visit each others blogs through the links provided to view the recipes and also check out medicinal values and other information for each of these greens.

And I do thank each one of you for your active participation and lovely entries to make the event a success.
Don't forget to have your daily cup of greens!!!
Round up of part 1st (spinach)- http://creativesaga.blogspot.com/2009/06/round-up-of-swc-cooking-with-greens.html

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