Feb 2, 2010

Blueberry muffins- healthy and beautiful!!

I just cant stop myself buying bluberries whenever I see them at the supermarket. They are not so expensive and too tempting to resist myself buying them even if I dont have anything specific in my mind on how to use them. I had made a pretty cake with them before and now I was eager to make some muffins- and that too something really healthy and guilt free.So using the plain flour was out of question and it had to be wheat. But recently I saw jayasree using the multigrain atta by pilsbury and fortunately I found that in a Indian store here. So that had to be an excellent substitute as it contains wheat flour along with ragi, barley,lentil,soy and maize. I thought the result was going to be a chewy and a dense cake, I dont mind, I love cakes that way too. But no, the cake was soft , spongy ,moist and light too. It was just awesome and delicious, absolutely guilt free. You will agree when you see the recipe.

blueberry muffinsIngredients-
Pilsbury multigrain atta- 2 cups
Baking powder- 2 1/2 tsp
Baking soda- A pinch
Brown sugar-3/4 cup
Oil- 1/2 cup
Yogurt/curd- 3/4 cup
Egg- 1
Vanilla essence- 1tsp
Bluberries- 1/2 cup

Mix all the dry ingredients together(except the berries) in a bowl. In another bowl, beat the egg and sugar lightly and combine with oil and curd and mix well. Add the essence. Now slowly fold in the flour mixing well so that no lumps are formed to get a smooth creamy batter. Fold in the berries and mix lightly.
Now pour them into the cups and bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 25 minutes.

blueberry muffins
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