Mar 30, 2010

Broccoli with corn and peas- Salad

           Just like soups , I had been ignoring salad from my diet for a very long time. To be more precise, salad was a rare occurence on our dinner table. But the healthy diet awareness which I have been hearing about in the blogosphere, magazines and television and my goal to lose weight has made me include them in my diet. I had definitely cut down the inclusion of too much fats in food, having more of low carb foods and more helping of pulses and vegetables. But the inclusion of raw food which contains the maximum amount of fibre was missing from the diet. But now I make it a point to have green and other veges in its raw form . For instance it could be just cucumber slices,grated carrots or beetroots, shredded cabbage or lettuce with some salt and pepper for taste.
          I admit that broccoli has never been my favourite, but I just cant ignore them when I see them in the supermarket. And I have always tried including them in the diet making some effort to shield its taste just like this one. Yesterday, after browsing  the net for a salad dressing recipe, I found one with tomato ketchup , mayo and other sauces when I decided to create my own dressing with the store bought tomato puree and the other easily available ingredients. So that was it. It definitely tasted good and this along with some lentil soup/dal constituted  my dinner yesterday.
        I am sending this salad as my entry for usha's healthy salads event.
broccoli with corn and peas salad
Broccoli- 1 - florets seperated
Peas- 1/2cup
Corn -1/2 cup of kernals(frozen)

Tomato puree- 2tbsp
Mixed herbs- 1/2tsp
Ginger garlic paste-1/2tsp
Light soya sauce- 1tbsp
Pepper cumin powder- 1tsp
Salt- 1/2tsp
Oil- 1tsp

  Microwave broccoli , peas. and corn kernal for 5 minutes till they become tender and crisp.
Combine the ingredients stated under the "dressing" and mix well.Pour this on the microwave vegetables. Mix well and microwave for a minute.
      Serve immediately.
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