Mar 25, 2010

Chocolate candy cake- kids birthday cake

chocolate candy cake
           It was my son's birthday last week. I bake so many cakes for my family and friends and I was secretly willing to bake one on my son's birthday too. Baking wasn't a problem , but I was scared of decorating it as I usually dont frost my cakes. I have frosted  a few before just for fun , but this time, I would be having guests at home for the birthday party. But one of my very good friends and my hubby encouraged me to go ahead with the baking telling me that I would learn that way. Well, then the rest is history.
      Due to lack of time, I used Betty crocker's chocolate mix for the cake. And I had to spend a couple of hours for decoration and my hubby gave me lot of ideas on how to do it. The decoration is not that great, but the guests loved the cake especially the kids who were overjoyed to see lot of candies on the cake.Some even asked me to make something like this for their birthdays. I was really happy with the outcome and am inspired to do many more in future and also take up a proper training on frosting cakes.

chocolate candy cake
Betty Crockers chocolate cake mix- 1 packet
Eggs- 3
Vegetable oil- 1/2 cup
Water- 1+3/4 cup

Combine  all the ingredients and mix them well with a hand blender. Pour the batter in 2 8" greased cake pan. Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 150c for 30 minutes. Cool the cake properly before frosting.

Frosting the cake- You can see the picture above on how the cake was decorated.
I used chocolate cream cheese frosting . The recipe is as stated below-
Philadelphia Cream cheese- 1 pkg -8oz
Unsalted butter- p pkg- 4oz
Icing sugar- 3-4 cups
Cocoa powder- 3tbsp


Combine all the ingredients and beat with a hand blender until thick. Store in refrigerator till you use.
Apply the cream cheese frosting between the two cakes and then on the top and sides covering the whole cake. Place the cake in refrigerator for 30 minutes and then decorate with candies and chocolates as per your choice.

I am sending this cake along with my perfect chocolate cake recipe to Divya's best  chocolate cake event.

For the MEC- celeberating bloggers event hosted my Jayashree this month , an event started by Srivalli, I am sending two of my previous entries. Both the entries are from Jayashree's blog.
1. Microwaved kasi Halwa
2. Microwavi aka Tandoori Aloo

Reminder- I am hosting an event called cooking with pasta in creative saga. I hope you send me in your entries soon. Many thanks to the bloggers who have already send me their entries and will be happy to receive more from you.See details here.
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