Apr 19, 2010

Cooking with Pasta - Round up

         I would like to sincerely thank all the bloggers who have send me their recipes with pasta  and made this event a good success. I am sure this is going to be a useful guide to many. I have received a couple of really unique entries comprising of traditional Indian, Greek and other continental pasta recipes.So do hop into each others blog for more information and tips on various ways of cooking pasta. Enjoy your pasta now following these recipes.
          Please mail me at creativesaga(at)gmail(dot)com regarding any queries or corrections. Please do inform me if I have failed to include your entry in the round up or incase I have linked your entry improperly. Thanks a lot.
First row
3. Pasta treat by Aparna's vegetarian cuisine

Second row

Third row

First row
1.Spinach spaghetti with tomato sauce
     Pasta with tomato sauce by priti of Indian Khana
2. Pasta with stir fried vegetables by Priti of IndianKhana
3. Fusili with stir fried vegetables by Priti of Indian Khana
4.Simple Pasta soup by Shama nagarajan of easy2 cook recipes
5.Cheesy pasta by padma's recipes

Second row
1. Macaroni pakoda by padma's recipes
2. Nut cutlet sizzler by padma's recipes
3. Mac and cheese with 2 cheeses by Priya of Mharo rajasthan recipes
4.Pasta in alfredo Sauce(low fat version) by Indrani of My creative Kitchen
5. Classic mac and cheese by Indrani of my creative Kitchen

First row
1. Spaghetti Al burro by Curry leaf
2. Fusili with eggplant by Priti of India khana
3.  Pasta Salad By Rupali of recipe grabbag
4. Quick vegetable pasta by Kiran of sumadhura
5. Vegetable Farfalle by Priyas easy and tasty recipes

Second row
1. Spaghetti and vegetarian meat balls by cooking foodie
2. Pasta with broccoli and mushrooms by sowmya of Creative Saga
3. Vegetable and pasta soup by Sowmya of Creative Saga
4. Penne with vodka sauce by Chit chat at crossroads
5. Penne with veges and cheese by Priyanka of Asankhana

Make your pasta an interesting meal now!!!!
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