Mar 11, 2011

Apple Blondies with brown sugar frosting

        I have made brownies before. But when I made this one , I just fell in love with the chewy,fudgy texture and the bitter taste of the chocolate brownies. I browsed a lot of recipes for bars and brownies, bookmarked them, even made a few and waiting to bake more of them.What next, I went to the local library and borrowed a few books on brownies. So this was a recipe from one of those books . Well ok, for people who are not aware, blondies are very similar to brownies. The texture of blondies is just fudgy and chewy like those of brownies. While brownies uses chocolates , this one uses brown sugar for the taste. Thats the only difference. So this was a delicious one and I just made minor differences, which I have mentioned in the recipe.So do try and enjoy them with the frosting .
 Recipe source- Bars and squares by Jill snider

apple blondies with brown sugar frosting
Butter-2/3 cup softened)
Packed brown sugar- 2 cups(I used 11/2 cups)
Eggs-2( I used small sized eggs)
Vanilla essence-1tsp
Atta/whole wheat flour-2 cups(All purpose flour used in original recipe)
Baking powder-2tsp
Chopped peeled Apples-1cup
Chopped walnuts-3/4cup
( The batter was a way too thick, so I added a few drops of milk. The actual batter is supposed to be thick, but mine was too thick that I could not even fold in the apples and walnuts.So add only if necessary)

Brown sugar frosting-
Packed brown sugar-1 cup
Milk or cream-1/4 cup
Confectioner's sugar-2cups( I powdered the granulated sugar in a coffee blender)

In a large bowl, using an electric mixer at medium speed, beat the butter,brown sugar,eggs,vanilla until thick and smooth(about 3 minutes).Combine flour and baking powder and add it to the butter mixture.Mix until blended. Stir in the apples and walnuts , mixing well.Spread evenly in a prepared pan.
  Bake in a preheated oven until set and golden,25 to 30 minutes. Let cool completely in a pan.
 Brown sugar frosting-In a small saucepan over low heat ,melt buttre.Stir in brown sugar and milk.Bring mixture just to a boil and then remove from heat and let cool to lukewarm.Stir in the powdered sugar ,mixing untuil smooth.Spread evenly on the bar. Let stand until frosting is firm enough to cut.Cut into bars or squares.
apple blondies with brown sugar frosting
      Co-incidently, Divya has announced an brownie event, So am sending this and eggless oats brownies for her event.
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