Mar 30, 2011

Blueberry chocolate bars - Low fat

        I have been really addicted to the brownies. People visiting Creative saga know that it has been raining cakes , cakes and more cakes for the past few days. Okay,this recipe has been in my drafts for quite sometime. But when I made the castle cake, I was quite eager to post that , so this one had to wait. This one is healthy and a lowfat chocolate  bar where I replaced egg with flax seeds meal and the fats with applesauce. I had a few blueberries , so decided to add them as well. They were delicious and I had quite a few pieces without that so called guilty feeling.
blueberry chocolate bars

Atta/wholewheat flour-1 cup
Brown sugar- 3/4 cup
Flaxseeds meal- 2tbsp in 6tbsp water
Cocoa powder- 2tsp
Baking powder- 1tsp
Fresh blueberries- 1/2 cup
blueberry chocolate bars
     For the homemade applesauce- Chop two cooking apples. Add them to a pan along with a cup of water and a cinnamon stick.Allow it to cook for around 15 to 20 minutes. Cool and blend it to a puree.
    Stir the flax seed meal in water to a slimy thick fluid.
    Now combine all the ingredients (except the berries) to form a uniform batter. Pour the batter to a prepare well greased cake tin. Place the blueberries on the top of the batter. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for around 20-25 minutes. Insert a skewer to check whether the cake is done.
     Cool and slice them to squares.
This one is my entry to Divya's Brownie event.
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