Apr 14, 2011

Brown rice payasam

Happy Tamil new year to all the readers of Creative Saga. All the very best wishes for a very happy and prosperous year!!!
         When I started  replacing white rice with brown rice , my hubby asked me to try payasam with it. He said some temples in Kerala offer brown rice payasam as prasadam(offering or neivedyam) and it tastes quite delicious. It was in my mind for sometime and I tried this recently during a religious get together. Everyone loved it a lot. It actually tasted even better than the usual paal payasam because of the nutty taste of the brown rice.You can reduce the quantity of sugar and add condensed milk for a richer taste.
brown rice payasam
Brown rice- 3/4cup (I used brown basmati, but short grains can be used)
Milk- 1litre(boiled) (I used full fat milk)
Sugar- 1 1/2 cup(Adjust according to your taste)
Nuts- 1/2 cup( I used chopped cashews,almonds,pistachios and raisins)

   Soak the brown rice in water for around 2 hours. Cook it in a pressure cooker till it becomes soft (but still has a nutty flavour). Now heat the ghee in a pan. Add the nuts and saute till they turn a light brown. Remove them from pan and keep them aside. Now add the cooked brown rice in the same pan. Add the sugar and mix well with the rice. Now add the boiled milk. Mix well and keep stirring till the quantity of milk reduces to 3/4th and the pudding thickens. Add the nuts and mix well. Serve warm or chilled. I personally prefer when it is slightly chilled.
           The payasam thickens more with time. So add more milk to it if you feel before serving.
brown rice payasam
I am sending this to Priya who is hosting "sweets with rice event".


Arundhuti said...

Absolutely mouth-watering...

notyet100 said...

wish ya happy new yr,..this looks so yum,.stil to try brown rice,..:-)

Sharmi said...

yummy looking! I wish I could taste!

Sush said...

Today morning I posted paal payasam with sona masoori rice & I see brown rice version of it! Never tried with brown rice, looks like a good idea. Will try them once.

simply.food said...

Looks very delicious nad healthy too as you hvae used brown rice.

Priya said...

Brown rice payasam looks super delicious and divine..Happy new year wishes..

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Happy new year to you too dear, payasam looks awesome :)

Preety said...

Happy New Year to you too..

Payassam looks great..great idea to add brown rice to keep it on healthy side

Mehjabeen Arif said...

wow.. slurp :) mouth watering dish.. healthy healthy !

Usha said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy New year too, Sowmya ! The payasam looks yum, loved the pic and the container :-)

savitha ramesh said...

creative and healthy payasam.

Cham said...

Wish you and your family a Happy New Year Dear!
That would be a guilt free sweet!

divya said...

Looks very delicious and healthy too

Raji said...

Never made this with brown rice..looks tempting.

Krithi's Kitchen said...

So Creamy and decadent!
Event: Serve It-Chilled

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