Apr 17, 2011

Capsicum and olive pizza- stove top method

        I saw this(stove top) method of making pizza in Sanjeev kapoor's cookery show long time back. I find this quite simple, quick and less messy too. My son loves pizza and I make this quite frequently with the available toppings. This time , I used capsicum and olives. Also this is a stove top version or a no bake version ,hence useful for people who do not own a convectional oven. Next time, I will be posting another recipe which is a much quicker version. So keep visiting!!
capsicum olive pizza
For the base
Wheat flour-1-1/2cup
All purpose flour- 1-1/2cup
Yeast- 1tbsp
Salt -1tsp
Water-3/4 cup
Olive oil- 1tsp

Green capsicum- 1 chopped fine(use red or yellow varieties if you have them)(cook for 2 minutes in microwave,it should be soft yet crisp )
Olives- 10-12 number drained from the liquid
Onions- 1 chopped in rings or sliced
Cheese- 1 cup(grated-use cheddar or mozarella or combination of both.)
Tomato sauce- 1/2 cup or use pizza sauce.(make at home or store bought.)

       Add the yeast in warm water and leave it for 10 minutes to froth. Then add the salt,sugar along with the flour.Combine well to form a smooth, elastic,pliable dough using olive oil to prevent the stickiness of the dough.. Cover the bowl with a plastic film or a kitchen towel. Allow it to rise and double in volume. It takes around 2-1/2 to 3 hours. After it has risen, punch the dough and knead it on a floured surface by folding it 4-5 times.
         Keep your topping ingredients ready. Heat a tava or girdle. Keep the flame low.Pinch a small portion (size of a lemon)of the dough. Roll it into a thick circle (thickness of paratha).Place this on another girdle. Now apply the pizza sauce on the base. Spread some cheese on it. Now place the onion rings,cooked capsicum and olives keeping some space between each other. Spread some more cheese on this.Place this girdle on the other hot girdle. Place a lid on this. Let the flame be low as the base may burn in high flame. Cook till the cheese melts completely. Check whether the base is done. It should have some cooked brown spots on the bottom. This usually takes around 10 minutes.
        Let it cool for sometime. Cut into triangular wedges with a pizza cutter and serve warm.
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