Apr 8, 2011

Raagi/finger millet soup

     Raagi or finger millet is the best natural source of iron and hence good for building haemoglobin. I was also advised by the doctor to take raagi as it is a very rich and readily available source of iron. I used to take a porridge made of raagi,milk and sugar almost everyday and got quite bored of the taste. But then I now occasionally enjoy this quick soup with or without the vegetables. You can also just omit the vegetables, add yogurt to the cooked raagi soup for a different taste.
Source- Adige mane ruchi(with some changes)
raagi soup
Raagi/finger millet flour- 2tsp
Salt to taste
Carrots- 1 chopped(You can use other vegetables too.)

    Boil the clean  chopped carrots in one glass of water till it turns soft. Add a glass of water in raagi flour gradually and ensure that there are no lumps in it(it should be a dilute mixture as it thickens on heating). Add salt. Mix well. Add this diluted raagi mixture to the cooked carrots (along with the stock). Stir till it thickens a little. Serve warm.
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