May 23, 2011

Aamras of the popular puri -aamras combo

        Aamras with pooris is one of my most favourite combo. Infact I just love mangoes and I miss them a  little here in Singapore. Yes, only a little because I do manage to get a few mangoes from the Indian shops here.So I should not be really complaining. But not like how it used to be in India when we used to recieve a box full of  alphonso variety of mangoes from Kolhapur(place in Maharahtra famous for mangoes). We used to enjoy the season to the fullest completely satisfied with the mango bliss.
       Its almost end of may this year and I just realized that I had not had a single mango this year and so rushed to the Indian shop and bought a few mangoes for myself. Thats when I made aamras to have with the pooris along with some dum aloo. Wow, it just made an awesome meal one weekend.

aamras poori
Mangoes-2 big ones
Milk- 1 glass
Powdered sugar- 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder- 1tsp

       Press the mango with your palms and squeeze it to extract the juice from it into a bowl. Add the milk ,sugar and cardamom powder and stir it well. Use a hand blender or a whipper to blend it to a uniform mixture.
      Just have it as a dessert or as a side dish with pooris.
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