Jul 11, 2011

How to make white sauce?(Step by step pictures)

     Basic white sauce is called as bechemel sauce  and it has many other different variations.In the recipe, I have stated the method I follow for making this one. Though cheese is only optional, I love the taste of it. I generally use it for pasta. But it can be used on lasagne and boiled vegetables especially works great with boiled cauliflower. Check out the recipes in Creative saga where I have used white sauce.
1. pasta using white sauce
2. Baked vegetables

See notes below for variation.
Recipe source- Tarla dalal's cook book

Butter- 1tbsps
Plain flour/maida- 1tbsp
Milk- 2 teacups
Salt as required
White Pepper as required
Grated cheese- 4-5 tbsps (optional)

   Melt butter in a pan.
Melt butter
Add the flour.Mix well. Keep stirring for a few minutes without browning it. (the floury smell should disappear)
add flour
  Switch off the flame. Add milk slowly, mixing the flour simultaneously. No lumps should be formed. It should be uniform suspension.
add milk
        Now add the cheese , salt and pepper and keep mixing well. Add salt carefully as required when you are using salted butter and cheese.
add salt ,cheese and pepper
Keep stirring till the sauce thickens.
white sauce/bechemel
       Below is a picture where I have added the sauce to boiled pasta along with some steamed vegetables.
white sauce in pasta

Notes - The ingredients mentioned above is for thin pouring sauce. For thick coating sauce to be used in casserole dishes, use 2tbsp of butter , 2tbsp flour and 2 teacups milk.
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