Jun 2, 2012

Inji chaar/ Ginger juice

      The ginger juice aids in digestion and can especially  be had during stomach upsets due to over eating. It helps to prevent Pitha (bile) and is  effective for nausea as well. Its good to have a little of this every morning in an empty stomach.
       This medicinal concoction is made at my mother's place every week. We used to have it occasionally without really realizing its importance. But now when my grandmother is here, she makes it for us frequently when I thought of posting it to my blog. I do plan to make this atleast once a week from now on!!
       You can also make inji lehyam or ginger jam and have a spoon of it everyday.

 Recipe for Ginger jam or inji lehyam here.
inji chaar/ginger juice

To make 1 glass of juice
Ginger- 1 finger sized piece
Sugar- 2tsp

     Grate the ginger. Using your fingers and palms,squeeze out the juice from the grated ginger. Add a glass of water to it. Filter this liquid using a sieve. Press the ginger in the sieve with a spoon to extract the juice completely.
     Heat a pan. Add sugar in it.When the sugar starts melting slightly, add the extracted juice to this. Allow it to boil.
Remove from flame. Serve warm.
inji chaar/ginger juice
Variation - Have this concoction with a dash of lemon and/or  honey everyday in the morning if you prefer.
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