Jun 5, 2012

Mango jam

      Mango continues to be my favourite fruit, only mine as the other family members are not too fond of it. But they do love it in cakes and other varietes. Last year , I used the mangoes to make a lot of things apart from having them as such.Though this time we did not have any, but I thought of making a jam spread and have it for later use before the season ends.
       It tasted just divine. We all love it on our bread as well as chapatis.

mango jam
Mango - 2 cups chopped
Sugar- 2 cups
Lemon juice- 1tbsp

mango preserve

  Combine the chopped mango pieces and sugar in a pan. Keep stirring in between allowing it to cook.  Add the lemon juice. Mix well. The mango bits turns soft and gets mashed in the cooking process.
how to make mango jam
Keep stirring till the mixture thickens. It takes around 25-30minutes for the mixture to turn into thick mass , the consistency as that of a halwa.
      Allow the jam to cool well. Store in a clean sterilised glass jar.  Refrigerate.
mango spread
   Use as a spread on bread and buns.
spread for bread
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