Jul 20, 2012

Honeydew melon juice- juice recipes

      I always buy different kinds of fruits for my kiddo. But he is such a picky eater and is very fussy to try out new food stuffs. He is happy with strawberries , grapes and apples. So I am trying out new ways of sneaking in some new fruits in his diet. I am not very successful in my attempts most of the times.This time I tried making a juice with one of the favourite fruits of mine. He had a little portion of this and said its yummy. But I was not totally satisfied as he had so little. Anyways mothers have to find new tips and tricks to make their kids eat!!.So this process will go on!!
      But we enjoyed the drink to our heart's content. It was delicious with a dash of lemon and hint of ginger in it. You can always omit the honey if the honeydew is already sweet or you can even add sugar if your prefer that way.
honeydew melon juice recipe

Honeydew melon- 2 cups chopped
Lemon juice- 1tbsp
Ginger - a small piece grated
Honey- 2-3tsp
honeydew melon juice
     Take all the  ingredients along with a glass of water in a blender and blend to a smooth liquid.
If you wish,add around half a glass of water to reduce the thickness and according to the sweetness.Mix well. Pour in glasses and serve chilled.
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