Jul 30, 2012

Mixed fruit smoothie

       Making juices ,milkshakes and smoothies has become a regular affair at my place. Everyone enjoys them.Its mostly during breakfast as most of the days, I don't have time for a proper breakfast and this kinds of milkshakes and smoothies is really filling and healthy too!! This time it was a bit different with the addition of Ribena black current juice along with the yogurt. It had a nice sweet and tangy taste.
mixed fruit smoothie recipe
 Recipe Source- Better homes and gardens

Ingredients -
Banana- 1 big( chopped)
Apple-1 peeled,deseeded and chopped
Honey dew melon- 1/2 cup(optional,  I added just because I had )
Strawberries-4-5 chopped
Grape juice- 1/2 cup( I added ribena)
Curd- 1/2 cup

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend it to a smooth liquid. Serve chilled in tall glasses.
mixed fruit recipes
 You can omit apples and honeydew. It was purely added just because I had them.
Add honey for mild natural sweetness.
Add any juice or fruit nectars instead of ribena.
You can also add mango to this smoothie.


notyet100 said...

Nice pics,perfect way to start the day :)

hemalata said...

delicious looking smoothie, looks so yummy.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

this kind of smoothie really makes it up for the breakfast...filling..

Priya Sreeram said...

breakfast gets a healthy & tasty twist with such smoothies- yum

Tina said...


Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious smoothie !!!

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

Delicious smoothie,luks yum...

jeyashrisuresh said...

Love the new outlook of your space and nice and filling smothie

Gauri said...

Healthy and delicious!

suhaina aji said...

really a refreshing drink to kick start ur day.

Spice up the Curry said...

very delicious smoothie

Kavya said...

Yummmyy! I am a sucker for mixed fruit juices and smoothies. I always have stacks of KDD harvest’s Mixed fruit juice in my fridge and I drink it with my meals. Whenever I am at a restaurant, I look for such drinks to order. Love your recipe, it’s so easy to make! The photos looks soo tempting I am thinking of making this drink tonight! Thanks :D

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