Aug 8, 2012

Sandesh/sondesh recipe - A bengali delicacy

      I am fond of most of the Bengali delicacies. I have heard so much about this one, but somehow went on postponing making this one. Though making it sounded easy , I was worried about the raw taste of paneer in it as it requires minimal cooking. But no, the slight cooking does it all. I tried this one using only a little milk as I did not want to end up trashing everything if things go wrong!!A very simple one  and the sweet is ready in barely half an hour. You can also consider making them for some get together as you can make a number of pieces in no time. And yes, am sure to make a big batch of this soon maybe combining it with some other flavour!!


 Recipe Courtesy- Manjula's kitchen

Ingredients- (makes around 10-12 pieces)
Milk- 500ml
Lemon juice-1tbsp
Sugar- 1 cup
Cardamom powder- 1/2tsp
Glazed cherries for decorating (optional)
       Boil the milk. Add the lemon juice.When it curdles, switch off the flame. Pass through a cheese cloth. Wrap the curd in a cloth and rinse it under tap water to remove the flavour of lemon in it.Squeeze to remove of all the water.
Now take the paneer in a plate. Knead well till it becomes soft and can be rolled into a smooth dough. Alternatively you can run it once in your blender so that it becomes smooth. Now combine the cardamom powder and sugar and mix to form a dough.
how to make sandesh
Now place this dough on a non stick pan (preferably) on a low flame. Stir continuosly so that the paneer starts coming together as a dough.Switch off the flame.Bring the paneer together as a dough. At this point , it will lose a bit of moisture and can be easily rolled into a ball. The raw smell and taste of paneer will also go. But this step should be done in maximum 6-7 minutes. If you overcook, then paneer will become hard and crumbly. Remove the cooked paneer in another dish immediately and let it get warm.
sandesh recipe
Now roll the paneer into around 10-12 equal sized balls. Place a glazed cherry on top. Refrigerate till you serve. Serve chilled.
bengali sweet
Notes-  Heating the dough on the pan is a crucial step. Please dont over cook.
   You can decorate with almonds, saffron or pistachios. You can even use chopped pineapple pieces. Its just your choice!!
paneer sweets
How about making them for this janmashtami!!
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