Jul 30, 2012

Mixed fruit smoothie

       Making juices ,milkshakes and smoothies has become a regular affair at my place. Everyone enjoys them.Its mostly during breakfast as most of the days, I don't have time for a proper breakfast and this kinds of milkshakes and smoothies is really filling and healthy too!! This time it was a bit different with the addition of Ribena black current juice along with the yogurt. It had a nice sweet and tangy taste.
mixed fruit smoothie recipe
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Jul 28, 2012

Angry bird cupcakes - Simple cup cake decoration

       When I made these chocolate cupcakes and was browsing for simple cupcakes decoration ideas along with my kid, his eyes fell on the angrybird cupcakes at Nithya's blog and he being a huge fan of angry bird wanted me to make it for him.
angry bird cupcakes

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Craft index

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Jul 25, 2012

One bowl chocolate muffins/ cupcake- martha stewart recipe

     My kiddo loves chocolate cakes than any other flavored cakes. He has been asking  me to bake them for a long time. As I hardly get time to do elaborate cooking and baking with two kids around , I kept on postponing it. After a search , I followed a simple Martha Stewart's one bowl recipe. It was a simple one involving just a putting together of some ingredients in a single bowl and baking it. Less of work, less messy and a fool proof recipe and I made it with easily available ingredients. Also refer notes to follow the original recipe as I have modified the ingredients with those available with me. I am sure to make them again as my son loved it and its really easy!!

one bowl chocolate cupcake recipe

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Jul 20, 2012

Honeydew melon juice- juice recipes

      I always buy different kinds of fruits for my kiddo. But he is such a picky eater and is very fussy to try out new food stuffs. He is happy with strawberries , grapes and apples. So I am trying out new ways of sneaking in some new fruits in his diet. I am not very successful in my attempts most of the times.This time I tried making a juice with one of the favourite fruits of mine. He had a little portion of this and said its yummy. But I was not totally satisfied as he had so little. Anyways mothers have to find new tips and tricks to make their kids eat!!.So this process will go on!!
      But we enjoyed the drink to our heart's content. It was delicious with a dash of lemon and hint of ginger in it. You can always omit the honey if the honeydew is already sweet or you can even add sugar if your prefer that way.
honeydew melon juice recipe

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Jul 18, 2012

Kuskara /phodnichi poli/ chapati upma - left over recipes

         I have taken atleast a couple of breaks before finishing this post which I actually started out last evening. I usually try posting at some odd hour usually when my kids are sleeping. Sometime things do turn haphazard. But I am glad  that I can still continue my most favourite acitivity even after manging my five year old and a couple of  months baby. I do hope it continues this way.
        Now towards the post,this one is a left over delicacy which is usually prepared in Maharashtra with left over chapatis. It tastes good. I usually prepare this for breakfast when I have the time. Its nice to make it a tad spicy and be enjoyed with some thick curds and along with some hot masala tea makes a delicious breakfast!!So now dont you worry when you are left with some extra chapatis!!
kuskara/phodnichi poli/left over chapatis

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Jul 16, 2012

Strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie

          This is one filling smoothie especially when you dont have the time to make a elaborate breakfast early morning. It is a very versatile recipe and you can make with the available fruits and other ingredients. I will be posting my other variations  soon. This can also be made one day earlier to save your time in the morning. It really makes a delicious ,filling and nutritious breakfast. Do try it!!
Strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie recipe

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Jul 12, 2012

Chocolate upside down nuts caramel cake

           I have always loved this kind of cakes and have a quite a few of them in this space.This was one cake I wanted to make since a very long time.It was a bit different as I have always made fresh fruit upside down cakes. But nuts with caramel sounded so good. Also chocolate cake is a favourite at home especially my son's as he loves only chocolate cakes.
          I made this for my hubby's birthday a couple of days back and I could not take a picture of a proper slice as we had already dug into it from all sides during the celebration. But it still looks delicious ..isn't it?
chocolate upside down caramel nut cake recipe

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Jul 9, 2012

Kiwi apple cooler- juice recipes

          I am not really a big fan of kiwi juice.I prefer to eat the delicious kiwi fruits as such rather than making a juice. But as I said before it has been interesting combining a few fruits together to make some delicious drinks just for a change.So thats it!!I always have a overload of apples at my place , so you can often find them in my recipes. But here you can omit apple completely and just use the kiwi.So do try this once in a while if you love kiwi!!
Kiwi apple juice recipe

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Jul 5, 2012

Chocolate fudge recipe

         I had bought lot of different kinds of cooking chocolates last year to make some brownies and cakes. But I never found time to use them. I realized they were nearing the expiry date. I was contemplating whether to use them in brownies or the fudges. I thought it would yield too many fudges and will remain uneaten and end up in trash.
        I went ahead with the fudge recipe. It did yield enough fudges and I had my own fears when I was pouring the mixture on to the pan. Later I convinced myself that if they are not eaten , then probably I will find a way to use them in some chocolate cake.
        But then here I was completely wrong. When I had the first bite and a few , I did not even realize the amount of bars I had consumed. They were so delicious and immediately got a request to make some more soon. Sure, I will be making them in a few days.I have to keep in mind ,about the calories involved here as they are certainly too irresistable and very addictive!!!!
chocolate fudge

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Jul 2, 2012

Broccoli besan subji/stir fry

        I had bought a broccoli after a long time. My son loves it.Though I always add them in some mixed curry, I was searching for some new recipe and I found it here. I just loved the Indianized broccoli recipe and made it right away. It tasted so wonderful and I do look forward to make it again.
broccoli besan subji recipe

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