Aug 28, 2012

Eggless strawberry custard powder snack cake

            The most important thing I liked about this cake is the beautiful aroma. It smells heavenly all the while, right from when you add the custard powder ,when the cake is getting baked and served. I really loved the bubble gum like smell. Yumm.
            This is a very simple one,very easy to put together the ingredients, an one bowl recipe. The cake was really soft and spongy and it tasted really delicious.
eggless custard powder cake recipe

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Aug 24, 2012

Carrot cabbage salad/raitha/Koshimbir

      After ranting in each of my posts on salads about including it in our daily menu, I have finally managed to do so successfully to some extent. So this is one method which I have tried with various vegetables and we have been liking it a lot.
       I had had this cabbage koshimbir for the first time in a get together at a friend's place who is a Maharashtrian. I had promptly taken the recipe that time though I took ages to make it.The important inclusion in this are the peanuts which gives a nice nutty taste to the salad. Peanuts for the Maharashtrians is like coconut for the southies. I am quite fond of it and try to make a small batch of powdered peanuts and store it in air tight container. So its quite easy to make this kind of salads or I occasionally add them in some dry curries too..tastes great!!
       So I do hope you try this kind of raitha to go with some variety rice for a change.
carrot cabbage raita/koshimbir recipe

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Aug 21, 2012

Bread pakoda

         It will sound funny , but its true that I have been craving for these bread pakodas when I saw them being happily relished by two happy girls in a hindi serial telecasted in an Indian channel.Many weekends flew by before I finally managed to make them finally.
         I have had this so many times in my school canteen. But then I don't really remember having them after that. I was actually reminded of this when I saw it on the television.
         They were really delicious and my hubby and kiddo enjoyed them too!!!
bread besan pakoda recipe

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Aug 17, 2012

Ribbon pakoda

      I have hardly tried out any Tamilnadu savouries yet, thenkuzhal being the first one which I posted very recently. I have then tried this ribbon pakoda for janmashtami with good results and I realized that everyone loves them. So I do plan to try out other simple ones too for a start once in a while.
      This recipe was given my grandmother. When I browsed the net, I saw the proportion of rice and besan has varied in different blogs. So you can try adjusting it accordingly. This proportion gave nice, soft and at the same time crispy pakodas.
ribbon pakoda recipe

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Aug 14, 2012

Vella appam - Deep fry method- Janmashtami special

       I have actually posted a low fat appam long ago where I have used rice and then a paniyaaram pan for cooking them. I made them for kaarthigai.
      I made them for Krishnashtami this time. So here I am posting another method which is quite easy actually than the previous one.It does not involve soaking and grinding rice like the previous one. I have used a combination of wheat flour and rice flour. And I decided to deep fry them as well this time as I felt it really does not matter doing it once in a while. But you can use the paniyaaram pan here too if you are really conscious about deep frying them.
       They were quite crispsy on the outside and very soft inside, just delicious. Most important, my kiddo loved them and gobbled a few without being told!!
vella appam recipe

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Aug 12, 2012

Rava idli (with vegetables)

       I have made this particular idlis so many times. I mean this is the basic recipe responsible for all the variations of idlis posted here before. Also I thought of posting this one as I took step by step pictures for the first time. We have always enjoyed this for our weekend dinners. Its easy to make too!!
Notes- You can make it without the vegetables too. I have update dthe pictures of rava idlis without the vegetables.

how to make rava idli

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Aug 8, 2012

Sandesh/sondesh recipe - A bengali delicacy

      I am fond of most of the Bengali delicacies. I have heard so much about this one, but somehow went on postponing making this one. Though making it sounded easy , I was worried about the raw taste of paneer in it as it requires minimal cooking. But no, the slight cooking does it all. I tried this one using only a little milk as I did not want to end up trashing everything if things go wrong!!A very simple one  and the sweet is ready in barely half an hour. You can also consider making them for some get together as you can make a number of pieces in no time. And yes, am sure to make a big batch of this soon maybe combining it with some other flavour!!


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Aug 3, 2012

Beetroot halwa

        I am not sure why this delicacy was never made at my mom's place.I mean I have missed this for so long.Its is so delicious!! I had come to know about the existence of such a halwa before I had it at a friend's place for the first time a couple of years back. Though I make a quicker version without milk most of the times (which I will post sometime later), Which tastes as delicious as this one, this is the first time, I tried this elaborate version and we all simply loved it. If you browse the net, you will find the differences in procedures and measurement of the ingredients. Here is the method and measurement I follow with good results.
beetroot halwa recipe

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Aug 1, 2012

Avacado parathas

        Though I have cooked with avacado before, it was not a regular thing in my kitchen.My hubby who has just realised how healthy avacados are buys them often nowadays. I have made this rotis couple of times and everyone loves it.Even my choosy kid loves them!!
Other avacado recipe here-  Avacado salad

avacado parathas recipe

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