Sep 27, 2012

Ennai kathrikkai curry - South indian recipe

       My mom used to make this when we were kids. But somehow this was actually forgotten and I haven't had this for years together. I always thought of making them whenever I buy the small brinjals and finally managed to make them during a weekend. We had it with some rice and tomato rasam. It was delicious!!
ennai kathrikkai curry recipe

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Sep 25, 2012

Dangar/daangar pachadi - side dish for rice varieties

       I had got the udid dal flour to make some thenkuzhals when my grandmom was here.Hence had a huge amount of it remaining and thats when my grandmom made this pachadi and we all loved it with bisibele rice. I had taken the recipe then. I have made it number of times by now and is nice change from the usual pachadis/raitas. Its quite popular in the Tirunelveli region and I was quite intrigued by the name of this dish. I made it again last weekend and decided to blog the recipe.
tirunelveli dangar pachadi

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Sep 22, 2012

Ellu/sesame kozhukattai/modakam- recipe for Ganesh chaturthi

           Hope you had a beautiful Ganesh chaturthi at your place and many of you are still enjoying the festival for the next few days. We had a great day too and it was after many years we actually celebrated it  here as we were in India most of the years during this time. I made kozhukattais the traditional way for the first time on my own. Last time ,(that is during my this post)I made them with the help of my grandmother. This time I tried out the sesame seeds stuffing as my hubby suggested.
I made the usual channa dal/lentil stuffing too and I have also updated the pictures in my last post. So do check them out. I wanted to use the modak mould and got it from a friend. I made a few with them , but as it was time consuming  and I had to make a few more prasadams, I just did it the usual way.
So you can try using the press if you wish as they give beautiful shaped modaks to impress everyone and looks quite delectable too.
Please refer to this post  too for many pictures for your reference.

ellu kozhukattai recipe

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Sep 17, 2012

Gujarati dal

    I have had the popular sweet and spicy dal when I was in Gujarat for a few years. This dal along with  kadi (Gujarati kadi as sweet as the dal) is definitely present in all the dinner menus. I love the mild sweet taste along with the beautiful flavour of the whole spices. There are some days even now when I really feel like having this and it really goes well with jeera rice.
gujarati dal recipe

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Sep 12, 2012

Zucchini brownies- low cal -eggless and butterless

     Now, unlike before, green and yellow zucchinis are easily available in all supermarkets here. So I get to buy them quite often.I have been wanting to make zucchini and chocolate cake.I just loved this recipe which is a kind of low calorie one and healthy too. I have always used atta/whole wheat flour in my baking with good results. But really regret that I completely forgot to use it here and went ahead with the usual flour. Anyway I am going to do that next time. But the brownies were really good. Unlike many recipes which call for grated zucchini, here we use the puree which makes the brownies moist with a lovely texture. The taste was awesome with no hint of zucchini actually and according to me all cakes tastes better the next day and the same with this one too!!I would say this is one of the best recipe for zucchini brownies.
zucchini brownies recipe

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Sep 8, 2012

Pasta pomodoro

       We vegetarians have very few options at the pizza hut here in Singapore. But we are quite happy to note that they have added vegetarian pastas too from a couple of months. My son loves pizzas and pastas. Last time we had pasta with pomodoro sauce and mushrooms and he just loved it. It was all over in no time. Then we had pasta pomodoro at the pastamania too. My son loved it as usual, though I liked the pizza hut one better. So I thought of recreating this at home especially now when the term holidays are going on. I googled for the recipe and  found that pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato and  found a few sites with the recipe for pomodoro sauce too.
      The alternative way is to use the store bought pasta tomato sauce and add it to cooked pasta along with some cooked vegetables which I am surely going to try  next time for a different flavour. But this time , I made the sauce at home. The pasta was simply yummy and most important My son loved it!!!
pasta pomodoro recipe

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Sep 4, 2012

Biscuit brownies/bars - eggless and no bake dessert

       I had bought a pack of digestive biscuits sometime ago. But somehow I did not feel like having them. I thought of making a biscuit pudding or some dessert with it. I browsed the net and got some really yummy recipes especially this fabulous  royal wedding cake.
      But as I am always short of time nowadays , I wanted a simple and easy one. So I went ahead with this recipe. It tasted so delicious and was over in no time. So do make this simple dessert when you are craving for something chocolatey and when you have a excess of marie or digestive biscuits.
     Other similar recipe
Condensed milk chocolate fudge

eggless no bake biscuit brownies recipe

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