Nov 7, 2012

Soft mysore pak recipe - Diwali recipes

    I have tried the traditional version of mysore pak before - the one which is slightly harder in texture. I always wanted to make the softer version , the kind available in krishna sweets. I simply love those and can't stop eating them. I happen to see the mysore pak recipe at Jeyashri's space and that very moment , I decided that I had to make them. They looked so tempting , so soft and beautiful. I was busy with my packing for the forthcoming trip to India and other routine activities. But I somehow wanted to make them and I did manage to give sometime for this yesterday. I was a little nervous as its a well known fact that making mysore pak is quite difficult. But at the end the result was worth the effort.
  The taste was also awesome - melt in your mouth kind of . I promised myself that I would not eat more than two pieces- thanks:(( to my weighing scales which has constantly been moving on the wrong side nowadays. I have eaten couple of them by now each time convincing that this would be the last time. Anyway, thats to say and even warn you that they are too irresistable!! Do try making them for this diwali. It really isn't that difficult.
   Thankyou Jeyashri!!
A very happy diwali to all the readers of Creative Saga!!

how to make krishna sweets mysore pak

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Nov 5, 2012

Asoka halwa recipe - Diwali recipes

        Asoka halwa is a popular sweet of the Tanjore/Thanjavur region. As I belong to Tirunelveli, probably this sweet has remained unknown to us.Not very sure if thats the reason, but I don't really remember this sweet made at my place. I do have a vague memory of having this in some wedding couple of years ago . But then it happens to be my hubby's favourite dessert (I came to know that only few days ago!)and he has been asking me to make it for quite sometime now. I thought the recipe was quite complicated as its name does not give away any hint about it. But then I browsed a few blogs and finally when I made it yesterday, I would say this is easy to make, but takes a long time and some physical effort.I wish I had tried making this before, but certainly this one is going to find its place at my home at least occasionally.
asoka halwa recipe

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Nov 2, 2012

Coconut burfi with jaggery - Diwali recipes

  Coconut burfi has always been my favourite since my childhood, the ones made with sugar actually.It was surely prepared for me during any festivals and I used to rightfully demand for it during any occasion also. Its ages now I had this sweet. I have also posted two versions of this sweet in my space.
-version 1
-version 2
     I have seen the coconut burfis with jaggery in many blogs. I am not really sure I have ever had this.So I decided to give it a try. I made a small batch yesterday evening. It actually tasted nice , so I thought of posting it here.It was delicious and infact I was worried if it would be over before I manage to take some photos in the morning.But whatever said, the ones with sugar are the best according to me!! Try this for a change.
coconut burfi with jaggery

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