Feb 13, 2013

Carrot halwa blondie bars recipe

     I had got some beautiful red carrots which are quite popular in delhi to make some gajar ka halwa. I was suddenly reminded of this blondies which I had loved at the first sight and had bookmarked it. I got enough time to prepare during the long weekend. They were so good and it had the taste of carrot halwa. My hubby said this was one of the best cakes I have made. I am glad I finally tried this one and am sure to make this again!!
carrot halwa blondie bar recipe

Recipe Source (Thank you)-  Panfusine &
                           Tasty Treats

All purpose flour/maida-2 cups
Baking powder-3tsp
Cardamom powder- 1tsp
Carrots- 2 cups(shredded)
Condensed milk- 1 396g can(14oz.)
Raisins-1/2 cup
Whole milk- 1.2cup
Melted unsalted butter- 8tbsp
Sugar- 5tbsp
Almonds- 1/2cup(sliced)

carrot cake recipe
 Combine the flour,baking powder and cardamom powder in a mixing bowl.
In a microwave proof bowl, combine the carrots,raisins, condensed milk and  sugar. Add the milk in the empty condensed milk can. Rinse and add it to the bowl.Mix everything together.
Microwave on high for around 5-8 minutes till the carrots are soft and it loses the raw taste.
Now add the melted butter and mix well.
Now pour this mixture in the center of the flour mixture. Mix gently till just well combined.Do not over mix.
Pour this in greased cake tin.
Add the slivered almonds on the top.
Bake at 180c for 20 minutes. Allow it to cool completely and cut into squares.
Pack the leftovers in airtight container and store at room temperature. I stored for 2 days.
carrot halwa
1. Use evaporated milk instead of whole milk.
2. You can also add nutmeg powder if you wish. I am not too fond of it, so did not add.
condensed milk

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