Oct 18, 2013

Maida burfi recipe- how to make fudge with plain flour - Easy diwali sweets recipes

     This is a easy recipe, especially for beginners.My grand mom had given me this recipe a couple of years back when I was beginning my culinary journey and it has been succesful.Its quite easy to make this one compared to the other burfi recipes and am sure you cannot go wrong.I have been wanting to post this one and some variations of the recipe from a very long time, but have been really busy nowadays, especially with the kids.I will try to post more easy diwali recipes soon.
      Hope you try this one for this diwali! Its soft and yummy too.
maida burfi recipe

Maida/all purpose flour-  3/4 cup
Sugar- 3/4 to 1 cup(see notes)
Ghee- 1/4 cup
Cardamom powder- a pinch

Grease a plate/tray with ghee and keep it ready.
Heat the ghee in a thick bottomed pan/kadai.
When it melts and is hot, add the maida.
Roast the maida for about 4-5 minutes.
Keep it aside.
Add the sugar in a kadai/pan.
Add around 1/4 cup of water to immerse the sugar.
Allow the sugar to dissolve.
Add the cardamom powder.
Stir in interval when it bubbles.
The consistency should thicken slightly.
It should be a one string consistency.
To test this,  you should be able to pull a tiny drop of the sugar syrup into a single string between your thumb and forefinger, then you are done.
Now add the ghee roasted maida.
Remove the kadai from the flame.
Mix well.
Keep stirring till the mixture thickens.
It will take around 4-5 minutes.
It should be quite thick - a stage which is next to the pouring consistency.
You can see the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan.
Place the mixture on the greased plate.
Allow it to set for around 5 minutes.
Using a sharp knife, cut them into squares or shape of your choice.
When it sets completely, remove the pieces.
Store in a air tight container.
1. I use fine granulated pure cane sugar. Its very sweet, so for me a little less than 3/4th cup is sufficient. So use sugar accordingly.
2. If in the end, your burfi does not set well, that means you have made it set early, put the contents back into the pan. Heat a little, it will loosen. Again remove from flame and stir till it gets thick.
3. You can also use colour of your choice. Add the colour when you add the maida to the sugar syrup.
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