Mar 29, 2013

Dried cranberries thokku- Instant pickle recipes

       I have already mentioned , I like instant pickles in this post. It requires less oil comparitively, gets over soon and a scope for trying out newer ones!!isn't it?
       So one of these I made this instant ones with cranberries. I wish we get fresh cranberries here. But I have not seen them yet in Singapore. So I used the dried ones. You can try with the fresh ones too if you get them at your place.
      I had them with rotis along with the other sidedishes. It was tangy and delicious!!

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Mar 27, 2013

Kesar badam burfi ~How to blanch almonds- Indian sweet recipes

Wishing all the readers of Creative saga "A very happy Holi."
     I  actually made this sweet a couple of days ago , to be more precise -for my son's (star) birthday.But how about celebrating holi in Creative Saga with this delicious sweets. Sounds good!! right??
     I had a can of evaporated milk which my hubby bought accidently when I asked him to buy condensed milk. I thought of using it in  a sweet recipe which demands condensed milk. Anyway some sugar along with evaporated milk can be substituted for the condensed milk. I love nuts based desserts and loved this recipe. It looked gorgeous, like the ones kept in sweet shops in India. I keep gazing at all the sweets display in sweet shops - especially the varieties of cashewnuts based sweets. They look so beautiful and so undoable at home. But when I made this, I had sense of satisfaction. Its easy to make as well as they look so professional. It was not very sweet, tasted just right and delicious!!Try it sometime!!
kesar badam burfi recipe

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Mar 25, 2013

Planning Kids birthday party and some birthday related links(Singapore)

       I celebrated my children's birthday recently and it came to my mind that it will be nice to share some personal experiences so that many parents may get some tips while celebrating their little ones(especially smaller kids) birthday parties. Whatever I am writing below is quite obvious , but keep a notebook to list out all the activities you will be carrying out in the next few days so that you dont miss out anything and the below points will take care of that!!

 Planning the party-
        The only main thing is to start planning the party atleast a month  before the actual date. Parties planned in the last minute may not allow you to select from the wide range of choices you may have about everything right from the venue to the menu. You may forget things which you actually needed to do. It might turn out to be very expensive too!!So decide the budget for your party too.

Planning the date for the party-
        Most of the people opt for the actual birthday date to host the party while others may opt to have the party during the weekends so that it is convinient for all the people to attend the party at the said time. So its completely your choice to decide the date and time keeping in mind the above points.

Prepare the guest list for the party-
         So the next step is to decide whether you will be inviting only the kids or the parents too.If the kids are to small, it will be better if the parents accompany them so its comfortable for the guest as well as the host. Sometimes among our friends here, we have a practice of inviting the child along with their mothers. After all the party is mainly for the kids,,isn't it??

Planning the venue for the party-
         Deciding on the venue depends on the number of people you are inviting to the party. If the number is small and your home can occupy all, do it at home itself. If the number is slightly big, you can think of small halls, hotels,multipurpose halls and condominum  halls etc.Google to find out some nearby place or some indian restaurants(within your budget) to host your party. Think of a place which will be convinient for everyone, have a good parking space, proper commutation etc. Call or visit the place to check out your requirements.

Planning the menu for the party -
      If you are hosting the party at home with a limited number of guests, you can consider cooking a small but filling meal or snacks at home itself. Or you can check out restaurants which offer catering services and home delivery. Or you can cook a few things at home and order rest from the restaurant. If it is only the kids you can consider ordering pizza and other stuff which kids of all age group as well as a few accompanying adults will enjoy.
       When you are hosting the party in a hall or restaurant, check out  their catering menu. Decide the menu which will be appealing to all the age groups you are inviting.

Ordering the cake-
      Ask your child about his or her preference of cake and order it according to your requirements at the cake shop or even online. Also check whether they deliver it to the venue so that it saves your time instead of going and collecting  it personally.Consider baking the cake at home.I have tried it and even though it wasn't a masterpiece,people do have high regards for the homemade cakes.
Have a look at those cakes-
Chocolate candy cake
Castle cake 

Here are some links where you can order the birthday cake-
Bengawan solo
Polar cakes

Return gifts, goodie bags or take home gifts-
      Decide the return gifts or goodie bags according to the children of different age groups. There are birthday shops where they sell gifts suitable to different age groups. I have seen one such shop near Bugis mrt. There may be more , check online to find out more options.
   You can also order goodie bags online. Check out the link below. My friend has done it online and their service is quite good.
There are many more options. Google to find out more.
 If you are a good artist, you can try making some home made stuff for the kids to take back home.

Planning activities for kids during the party -
      If the kids are older , you can plan the traditional games like passing the parcel,tailing the elephant,musical chairs etc and have good fun. You can plan some games for the younger ones too.
 Check out this page for some fun party games.
There are other ways to make the party more happening and fun.
You can arrange for magic shows, balloon sculpting, face painting etc.
 We had called Joel tay for a magic show and balloon sculpting. He was very good and really entertained the kids for almost two hours.

You can also google to find out more in Singapore.Below are a few more links.

Other notes from personal experiences-
* Do take good care of the younger kids in the crowd to avoid any mishaps. Keep a first aid kit ready in case of any accidents.
 *Arrange to store the cake in the refrigerator. It is especially recommended for cakes which uses fresh cream.
* Do keep your camera or video ready for recording all the moments which will be your kids greatest memories in future.

Check out the recipe index for birthday party recipes.
Some ideas -
Chole bhatura
Dahi wada
Pav bhaji
 Check out other snack recipes here.
Some more recipes here.

Have fun and enjoy your party!!

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Mar 20, 2013

Idli milagai podi upma- Left over idli recipe

     This is one of the recipes out of the countless recipes my mom used to make with the leftover idlis. I hardly have any leftovers.I usually make sixteen idlis and a few(the maximum my idly moulds along with a mini pan can hold). Its not difficult for the 4 of us to finish those for our breakfast. But I do look forward for having leftovers for trying out so many variations one can do with the leftovers. My dream came true(sounds ridiculous , I know) when I made for a get together one day and had plenty of leftovers. I stored it in the fridge and I made this for the breakfast the next day. My hubby actually loved it because he has never had idli upma. I will come up with more such recipes in future even I have to make a few extra ones!!
idli milagai podi upma recipe

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Mar 18, 2013

How to make Puri masala/ Poori kizhangu - Potato Sidedish recipe

       I love the evening concept of tiffin coffee in Tamil nadu. The lunch is first meal of the day in most homes which is had as early as 10 in the morning.It is followed by a tiffin kaapi in the afternoon and then dinner in the night. This ritual was followed at my grandparents place in my native place and we children were forced to do so when we visited during the holidays. It was frustrating to have lunch in the morning when were used to breakfasts followed by lunch in the next couple of hours. But then I loved the evening tiffin kaapi where delicious snacks were made during the tea(kaapi) time.
poori masala
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Mar 15, 2013

Baby corn rice recipe- Rice varieties

      Everything has been slightly dull for the past few days as we all were falling sick one by one. It was really crazy looking after myself as well as the kids . I have not been cooking anything great. Naturally blogging took a backseat though I have been wanting to post a few recipes in my drafts.
       Coming to the recipe, rice varieties are a savior for many days when You dont feel like cooking anything elaborate, yet you feel that you have cooked something worthwhile as most of the the nutrients goes into this one pot dish. its easy to feed the kids too. As well as goes well with some curds, pickle and papads!!

baby corn rice recipe

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Mar 9, 2013

Gooseberry/nellikai/awla pickle recipe

         I am not a big fan of pickles.But I do love to make instant ones with raw mangoes or gooseberries/amla or even some vegetables.I had once tasted with carrots at my friend's place at Aurangabad. I had noted down the recipe and promptly kept with my other recipe books. I had got some gooseberries recently and was looking for a recipe when I remembered this carrot pickle recipe. I found it hidden in my recipe book. I followed the same for the gooseberries. It was quite good and went very well with chapatis , khichdi ,curd rice etc. The good thing is you can add very little oil, but of course , you cant store it more than a week. I will be trying with carrots soon.
      I also found a similar recipe at Jeyashri's space too.

Other pickle recipes here-
* Nellikai thokku
*Onion thokku
*Orange pickle
gooseberry pickle recipe

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Mar 5, 2013

Molten chocolate cake recipe --step by step pictures

      I dont bake a lot nowadays, but I have a huge list of bookmarked recipes waiting to be done someday. This one too, I had seen in some blog a couple of months ago . Finally ,when I got the time to bake this one , I had lost the link to the recipe and no amount of google search brought me to that particular recipe I wanted. Anyway, I found one quite similar to the one I had seen. I have always wanted to bake molten lava cakes and this is the first time I did so. We really enjoyed this one, little warm and just divine.I do have a few more similar kind of recipes in my mind And I hope to bake them one by one. Till that , try this one. Its easy- a good one for beginners too!!!
molten chocolate cake recipe

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Mar 3, 2013

Vegetable pulao recipe- step by step process

     I make vegetable pulao almost every fortnight with all the vegetables I have in stock at the moment, its usually with leftover vegetables.It use to be a rare thing in our homes when we were kids. It was a kind of special food reserved during holidays or when guests come over. Lot of efforts were taken to make this. Cashews were roasted and added. Spices used to be freshly ground. Proper side dishes along with chips, papads, pickles were present. Sometime even vadaams were fried.We grew up to like pulao and then it was made quite frequently. It became a simple one pot meal with just loads of vegetables with a easy raita or just plain curds and some papads or pickles.
      I just learned few years ago that in south the rice variety made this way is called biryani unlike the layered dum biryanis in the north.
vegetable pulao recipe

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